In the Nations League to shine in the blue

In the Nations League to shine in the blue

The center of the striker for the Italian national team unmoved siro He spoke at a press conference, from the national team retirement, whereItalia Getting ready for the last two matches of the group The League of Nations Reverse England And the Hungary.

Immobile has always struggled to maintain his average achievements with the blue jersey, and during the interview, he himself tries to explain why.

Constant: “Less goals for the national team? Maybe I tend to exaggerate it”

at the moment Property He is the only striker who can guarantee a good presence up front as a starting striker. Big problem considering that the striker Lazio It never plays well, the same player trying to explain why:

“I wonder almost every day. Maybe because I can make fewer mistakes and try to exaggerate it. Rosico a lot, I beat 4 top scorers in Serie A, and with Italy I achieved a little less. Criticism? They hurt me if I feel like the striker for not qualifying for the Cup. the world but not who won the European Championship.”

Property Then he also repeats that he had the desire to give up the blue colors after disappointment Globalism And many of the criticisms received:

“I thought a lot about leaving the national team after not qualifying and a lot of criticism. Slowly, I came back to play for Lazio, I realized that I still had something to give to the national team. With different ideas, since I know that the World Cup will be in many years, age is not going back. Even if I am as good as today I can still give a lot. The coach had no doubts that I was leaving, my family and I talked about it a lot and decided to carry on. Criticism on social media is part of this environment, however, It is necessary to have a balance in judgment and then making decisions. That is why I thought about leaving the national team, but then, looking back on my entire football career, it was not appropriate for others to decide for me.”

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Finally a comment onengland, next discount in The League of Nations tomorrow:

“With the national team in Milan there is no great memory. It will be a difficult match on Friday, England have physical and technical skills and they have to prepare for the World Cup, and this is one of the few races they have been in in the meantime. We know we have to give something to our people, they are really frustrated The national team is in difficult moments – explains Immobile – also on the basis of what happened in previous years, it was a point of union for everyone: in the European Championship Italy joined us, we have to start from that, it should be The Italians have it your memory and trust us to experience other moments like this.”

In terms of numbers, the only great Italian striker is available

Even the same Roberto Mancini Repeat at a press conference your deficiencyItalia Suffers at the level of the attackers. Our movement can no longer produce those great bombers, half the talent points that made us great in the world for most of our history.

at the moment Property, at the level of numbers, or rather the networks created, they are the only ones that can be defined as “large”. in league He is already one of the best scorers of all time with a total of 187 goals, minus a goal, for example, from a sacred beast like Alessandro Del Pierobut also less than one of Gilardino And the Gentlemen. In 205 there are Roberto Baggioat 250 berries And 290 is out of reach Silvio Piola.

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Speaking of the national team instead, Property However, he is the top scorer in the business with 15 goals since his debut. closest in order Fiery And the Graziani With 23 goals, he was the striker all the time Certain of Thunder Gigi Riva With 35 goals.

The situation in the League of Nations in Italy

At the moment blues music Mancini She is the third in Third group of the League of Nations With 5 points, behind Germany with 6 and all‘Hungary With 7.England Unfortunately it stopped at a second.

So, in theory, zuri can finish first and finish. Much will depend on the match against Englandbefore confronting the leaders of Hungary. Winning will be crucial if you keep at it League Abut even two victories might not be enough, if the Germans also won both.

Moreover, if an equal end occurs between us and GermanyTeutonics will have to reach the last four Because they have an advantage in head-to-head matches.

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