House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean

House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean

The holiday home renovation project, designed by Vudafieri-Saverino, evokes the atmosphere and colors of a seascape, thanks to the fresh design and skillful selection of materials.

House in Versilia, designed by Vodaveri-

We are in Versilia, in the province of Lucca, in an arm of land that stretches between the slopes of the Apuan Alps and the San Rossore Park, where the architectural studio Vodavieri SaverinoIn search of a new stylistic language, he supervised a project to redevelop a building from the 1950s, revising the facade’s volume, space design and color study. The house of 265 square meters has been studied in every detail to evoke a Mediterranean atmosphere, where inside and outside there is a monolithic unity, in a harmonious dialogue. Goal Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vodavieri – Based on Sabrina Hall In the design team – the villa was clearly more modern, welcoming and comfortable, redesigned spaces, new interior design and character of the garden and outdoor areas, spread over 550 sqm.

House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean
Living area: Hakwood bleached European oak floors. Desalto kitchen table and Superleggera chairs by Gio Ponti, Cassina. Re and Regina lamps from FontanaArte.

Mediterranean colors

Thus, the environments are completely rethought thanks to new elements that express lightness and give a subtle identity to the local scenario: woven rattan for the ceilings on the ground floor, which we also find outside, bleached oak parquet floors for the interiors, white terracotta for the coffered roof, cinato, In different colors in each bathroom, the walls are enhanced with a marmorino finish created by artist Filippo Valagosta. The entire home’s color palette evokes the colors of the Mediterranean in shades of honey, caramel, light brown, and beige.

House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean
The living area is one with the outside. Spring armchair by Bonacina,

Study the interior in detail

House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean
In the living area, boilers are specially designed and bring rhythm to the environment.

On the ground floor is the bright living room, including the dining area, where the large windows, in dialogue with the greenery, give depth and seem to enlarge the spaces. The fireplace, which was in the center of the room, was removed and moved outside, and redesigned in an unusual cladding of black terracotta tiles in strong contrast to the white terracotta of the roof floor.

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House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean
outdoor space furnished with Talenti sofas; Bonacini beds and lights practiced.

The dining area and kitchen are open and flexible environments thanks to the presence of the custom-designed island, separated by a sliding glass door, whose black frame mimics the black of Fornace Sugaroni terracotta floors and stools. The elm wood carving is very carefully studied, specially designed by Tuscan craftsmen, and used as storage, in a game of perspective that gives rhythm to the rooms.

Comfortable sleeping area

House by the Sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean
Master bedroom: Flou bed and bed base by Filippo Falaguasta.

From here you enter the sleeping area, where is the master bedroom, which opens onto the garden and is divided into different functional areas: the wardrobe, with ash wood wardrobe with rattan panels reminiscent of the living room ceilings. room; And a study area with bookcase. Rattan, always the protagonist, is present in the furnishing accessories – such as the desk, the classic hanger and the headboard of the bed – while the bed base and headboard wall are enhanced by the beige Marmorino finish, also by Filippo Valagasta. The finishing is also in the basic style bathroom area, with a custom made tub and large shower, which is reminiscent of the typical homes of the south.

Room with bunk beds
The guest bedroom is on the mezzanine floor.

The other rooms are arranged on the mezzanine floor where there is a bedroom with bathroom and balcony, while on the first floor there are two rooms, one with a bunk bed, each with its own bathroom and facing the outside. The stylistic language is repeated throughout the rooms, with the only change being the colors of the service areas and the striped fabrics of the wardrobe panels reminiscent of the motifs of the deck chairs, deliberately emphasizing the positive and calm atmosphere of this holiday home.

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A house by the sea is a hymn to the Mediterranean: photos and images

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