Inter Milan, Shevchenko’s touching message: The beautiful San Siro

Inter Milan, Shevchenko’s touching message: The beautiful San Siro

The first leg of the semi-finals of Italian Cup between Milan And the Inter He finished 0-0, with the Rossoneri leading on points but really wasted when it came to scoring on the net. The result you prefer the Rossoneri, given this version of Italian Cup The rule of extraterrestrial targets remains in effect. In addition to everything that happened on the pitch, in this difficult period we want to focus on what happened in the stands before kick-off, with a beautiful idea. San Siro Towards the terrible armed conflict in Ukraine and a touching message from a former Rossoneri legend Shevchenko.

Milan-Inter, Shevchenko sends a message: “Let’s stop the war together.”

coach for several years now, Andrey Shevchenko For years he was the most powerful striker in the world, Ballon d’Or 2004 And the winner is two Champions League (2003 and 2007) with a shirt Milan Sewn on the chest. a message from shiva On the occasion of the derby, and in fact, Ukrainian tipping was not long in coming.

Displayed on the big screen of San Siroshiva Sends a message of peace to his country Ukraineseverely Russia These days, a struggle condemned by the whole West. This is the message the previous number 7 left:

Dear Italian friends, I ask of you from San Siro to make tangible your support for peace in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people want peace, because peace has no boundaries, because what unites us must be stronger than what divides us. Let’s stop this war together. Hug to all! “.

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Milan – Inter, San Siro against the war in Ukraine

The world of sport these days is showing unprecedented cohesion, with many athletes and federations showing their support especially to the civilian population of Kyiv and the whole of Ukraine.

also San Siro He wants to show the whole world that for peace, and in fact, before the match, the flags of Ukraine with the inscription “HelloPrinted above, they waved at the entrance to the players on the field.

In addition, all the players stood together to take the usual photo, with a huge billboard always in front of them reading “HelloA powerful symbolic gesture but very close to the inhabitants who live next door and with whom we, like all of Europe, share in luck and destiny.

Milan, concrete support for Ukraine

The Milan It does not want to be limited to initiatives on the ground, but it wants to provide tangible support to the Ukrainian population severely affected by the conflict. This is the note issued by Milan:

“Continuous interest in key social issues and support for various emergencies in the world is in the club’s DNA: fromAfghanistan to me Lebanoneven support the Ukrainian population.

global club like Milan Feel the responsibility of being a social enterprise that wants to help bring about positive change in society through concrete actions, in line with our business RespAct statement.

And it is this principle that will also guide the next activation of the channel of support and support for the Ukrainian emergency, which will immediately see the first step with the charity auction of white Puma shirts with the Ukrainian flag and written Hello to be signed by the Rossoneri players. The latter, after tonight’s match, will be auctioned off by Milan Foundation The first fundraising activity for a project dedicated to support the Ukrainian population.

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In short d . gestureI am San Siro He will help the Ukrainian people directly, through the fundraising organized by AC Milan, which is a nice gesture on the occasion of a match that ultimately proved to be true, played in the unity as only sport does.


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