Women of science, sports and institutions among school benches in Cabras, against gender stereotypes

Women of science, sports and institutions among school benches in Cabras, against gender stereotypes


Appointment this morning on the occasion of March 8th

The pupils of the first year of secondary school in Cabras celebrated International Women’s Day with four women who excelled in the fields of scientific research, sports and institutions.

In the lecture hall of the Institute in Trieste Road – in the presence of Mayor Andrea Apis, boys and girls with teachers listened to Municipal Adviser on Social, Health and Welfare Policies Laura Celiti and Education Board delegate Ferdinando Secchi Four Testimonials, receiving food for reflection on the importance of choosing and pursuing one’s goals.

Angelica Cymbola, a physicist and researcher at the University of Cagliari, decided only as an adult what her profession was. “When I was a child I thought I was going to be an artist or a detective,” the researcher revealed. I loved science studies and when I entered high school and then university many warned me that I was starting a male-only course. In fact, I didn’t know any woman who did the job I did now, but I’m totally relieved that I didn’t give up.”

also Alice Giorda, the former Sardinian regional motocross champion, knows all too well what it means to be considered different. “In Sardinia, it is very difficult to find other girls to participate in the races. I rode my first bike when I was still very young,” she told the middle school students, “I am now 32 but the guys I have to compete with keep on dealing With hostile attitudes towards me. I have learned to draw the positive side of their behavior, and turn it into a challenge, and motivation to get to the finish line in front of them, as often happens.”

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Even in the field of public administration, you must deal with gender stereotypes. “It so happens that the first to question our work are women,” said the head of the local police department in Cabras. Barbara Body“Or that in the presence of male colleagues there is a tendency to assign leadership to them, just because they are male. There are also outbursts of aggression, often because it is difficult to accept that it is women who enforce respect for the rules. However, I have never felt inferior in status, I think That being a woman is an extra tool, because we are so used to showing how much I am worth and our utmost commitment.”

The head of the municipality’s public affairs department added: “Be curious, study, and never tire of studying and working.” Sophia BabyBecause behind work there is the greatest satisfaction. I knew from an early age what I was going to do when I grew up, but I wasn’t satisfied. My work experiences shaped my character and taught me to manage situations, be patient and enforce being a woman at work, until I reached the goal I set for myself The support of the family was essential.”

Stories of women’s liberation, and the assertion of women’s role in a society is slow to recognize the de facto equality of men and women. The happiest Mayor Andrea Apis and School Principal Paulo Vigos.

“We must fight against discrimination in all its aspects,” Apis told the youth assembled in the room. “In society, there have always been times when people have been discriminated against because of race, religion and skin color, which generates conflict and oppression. This is what has happened and continues to happen today also with regard to the female sexuality. It is necessary to learn from an early age that we must oppose injustice, And to always have the courage to take the right side, even when we are in the minority, to strive for the ideal of a society free of gender stereotypes.”

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“Today, young people have had the opportunity to encounter excellent examples from life, through the experience of women who have been able to overcome the norms of a society that tends to exclude women from secondary social and work roles. Senior Teacher Figus stressed that each of them “has lowered the abstract concept of equality” gender into reality in his own experience.

Laura Celiti and Ferdinando Secci recently declared that “days like today are educating young people about the fact that men and women have the same right to opportunities.” “Dealing with the issue of women’s right to self-determination in an educational setting such as a school helps educate girls about their potential and raise boys’ awareness of respect for gender.”

Photo from the press office of the municipality of Cabras

Tuesday 8 March 2022

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