Science is for everyone. Here is Vermahamenti

Science is for everyone.  Here is Vermahamenti

Science has become more accessible to everyone than ever before. One of the most innovative forms of scientific publishing in Italy is the Fermamenti, Fermo’s science festival, with workshops, conferences and meetings starting yesterday morning in around 16 locations in the city center and still only including schools with nearly 6,000 school students. Primary, middle and secondary schools in Fermo, Firmano and Macerata up to Pesaro. A rich program can be found on the Visit Fermo and Fermhamente website and Facebook page which includes, in addition to the part dedicated to schools, activities for everyone, without reservations, from this afternoon until the whole of Sunday 22nd, including meetings and workshops just to give some examples of Mathematics, the environment, food, visits to the Polar Museum, science fiction, numbers, escape rooms, Harry Potter, chemistry through history, art and literature, journeys through numbers, letters and cards, and meetings with the science police. The festival, with a travel theme, is promoted by the administration of the Municipality of Fermo, in collaboration with La Belia di Mauro Lapilarte, with the scientific direction of Andrea Capozuka, and benefits from a world-renowned scientific committee. Mayor Paolo Calcinaro gave his greetings to the inaugural conference and noted “how this festival is the natural expression of a city historically dedicated to culture as a city of studies, Fermo City of Education, a UNESCO City of Learning, which boasts important and important secondary schools.” The growing university with its offer that attracts many young people even from abroad A festival capable of creating incentives towards knowledge, discovery and study After two years of the pandemic we can return to the period before them with the schools with the presence and beauty on Saturday and Sunday from families and from everyone who wants to be able to come directly to the center. “History of participating in laboratories, conferences, visits, activities, and learning about experiments.”

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