The Belen and Di Martino massacre: Back together is not …

The Belen and Di Martino massacre: Back together is not …

During the last episode of Le Iene Belen, she revealed something really shocking, which shocked everyone a little. The woman was also heavily criticized on the Internet. Let’s find out what really happened.

over the last bet de hyenas Belen, He made a very shocking statement. Let’s find out what he said and everything fact about him flirt With Di Martino.

there Rodriguez, As is known, he has always been in the center Rumors But in the recent period we saw that he is the protagonist of several gossip. The most important is what matters Backfire With Di Martino. In this regard, the showgirl He made an important statement.

During an interview with Courier service there woman revealed that Transfer between her andan ex hasband It is very special. The two are many Link, behind – on the other side santiago, And it looks like they’ve started dating again. To confirm this theory as well announcement who – which Billy Please attach your CV to the letter Live TV to Le iene.

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Belen and Stefano together: Attack on the Showgirl

Belen Rodriguez in tears

After the end of the program A story with Antonino Spinalbes, belin He just seemed to want to devote himself children and all work, But something seems to have changed. As we all know Argentine Showgirl Resume dating withEx-husband Stefano Di Martino. Recently it was the two paparazzi Together on different occasions: in the mountains, at the spaAnd the Under his house, in short, they seem more and more Neighbour. over the last bet de The hyenas there Argentine Showgirl She was harshly criticized by one of her haters, the words on Twitter:

Looks like Beilin and Stefano are back together. You also donate €2 towards the hunt for the big C** or we don’t care

belin Not responding, he simply decided to laugh at it. The fact that he neither denied nor confirmed the many criticisms Backfire For some, it’s a wake-up call: Belen and Stefano again.

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