a disease of the skin; Science has recognized the possibility of physical therapy

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Tradition has long recognized the anti-inflammatory action of witch hazel which makes it suitable for use, both internally and topically, in various situations:

venous insufficiency (characterized by a feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities)

Varicose veins


Local inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes

small wounds (It also has a blood clotting and healing action)

Mouth infection (such as gingivitis)

An Italian scientific work, the results of which were presented these days in Naples, officially recognized the effectiveness of this plant in the case of a disease of the skin;
Mario Dellagli, the full professor of pharmacology at the University of Milan who conducted the study, explained that he conducted the research on a standardized bark extract titrated into two active ingredients: Proanthocyanidins And the Witch Hazel The results indicate that the anti-inflammatory effects of witch hazel extract are only minimal due to witch hazel, and therefore, the cause of the anti-inflammatory effect of proanthocyanidins should be investigated.

In light of these considerations, those preparing to use witch hazel for self-medication should turn to products titrated with an indication of the active ingredients, preferring those explicitly containing proanthocyanidins.

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However, I remember that in general, Several authors stress the importance of the botanical compound Unlike extracts with a high content of one dominant active ingredient because they claim that the curative action of different plants always arises from the synergy and therefore from the combined action of the many active ingredients present in them.



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