“They don’t publish certain articles for specific reasons.”

“They don’t publish certain articles for specific reasons.”

Scientific research is not always carried out, in Italy and in the world, following the right principles. Sometimes economic or political reasons move in and greatly influence what should be the correct implementation of the scientific method. Unfortunately, this also happened in the past when these studies concerned our health. Fanny Fraggis himself questions some of the phrases we’ve heard repeated many times in the time of the pandemic such as “Faith in scienceorI believe in scienceAnd the doctor knows them.All silly phrases“.

This is because according to Frajese: “Medicine will take a real big step forward when it begins to recognize the fact that we are beings who live with electromagnetism on different levels. Electromagnetism of the heart, electromagnetism of the brain itself. In fact, there is a whole part of the biology of medicine that has been basically hidden from the academy for at least 50 years. And there is a reason why science does not deny any possibility. If someone comes along and gives you a model, no matter how strange it may seem, and is able to prove a fact with logically solid and string data, the scientific method requires that the old model be discarded immediately because it is simply discovered better.

But in the Scientific Mechanism of recent years it occurred to me that some articles, for example, were not published to me because the referee told me there was no technical error in the preparation. He simply told me that your statements conflict with the available literature so we don’t feel like publishing it“.

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