Apple event March 8, 2022: what’s on offer today?

Apple event March 8, 2022: what’s on offer today?

There is a waitingApple event Today’s “Peek Performance” March 8, 2022 to be held in broadcast live at 19.00 It is in Italian time and can be followed on the official Apple website and on Apple TV. The event will be broadcast from Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s spring launches are generally less significant than the fall’s, when the company unveils its best-in-class new iPhones, Apple’s most anticipated and lucrative device. Last year, Apple’s March event took place on April 20 due to the pandemic, and on that occasion Tim Cook announced the iPad Pro 2021, new color Macs with M1 processor, AirTag, new keyboard with Touch ID and Magic TrackPad.

What Apple offers today, March 8, 2022? Rumors talk about a promotioniPhone SE And iPhone 13 in a whole new color. Here’s all the upcoming news and what to expect from this year’s spring event.

What Apple presents at the event on March 8, 2022

Apple has not released any news or clues about the devices that will be announced today. However, there is no shortage of rumors and rumors. According to analysts, the heroes of today’s Apple event March 8, 2022 will be:

  • a New iPhone SE 5G
  • a The new iPad Air 5 With an M1 chip, an improved camera, and 5G support, it can rival the iPad Pro
  • the new Mac studioa high-end hybrid midway between Mac mini and Mac Pro
  • iPhone 13 And the 13 mini Green color

According to many, Apple may announce when the next update will be released, iOS 15.4the latest version of the operating system is pending iOS 16, which will be revealed in June at WWDC and released in the fall. iOS 15.4 is expected to include several new features, including the ability to unlock iPhone with Edge and new emojis. It is also expected to be Apple’s new payment product that will allow anyone to use the iPhone as a point of sale.

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For the release of other popular or talked about Apple devices, such as iPhone 14, AirPods, Apple Watch, MacBook and Mac Pro, we will have to wait a few more months, presumably the end of 2022.

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