Willam and Harry, the two half-brothers: you always see them but no one ever talks about them

Willam and Harry, the two half-brothers: you always see them but no one ever talks about them

Camilla Parker-Bowles, before marrying Prince – now King – Charles of England, had already married and had children from her ex-husband. Therefore, many wonder who are his children and what they do, as well as non-siblings of William and Harry.

Who am I, brothers of princes Harry and Williamborn of a previous marriage to his stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Speech King Charles III of England The long-awaited, and after the beautiful and sincere words of the Queen, who was not only a great woman but her mother in the first place, what most amazed the listeners – of course – were the wonderful phrases of love that Carlo had in his life. wife Camila.

“It is a time of great change for my family, and I am counting on the love of my beloved wife Camilla. Since we have been married, the Queen has become my consort, and I know she will live up to her role,” Her Majesty affirmed, emphasizing that his half is truly a deep affection as well as sincere to the top. Degree.

You entered today by way of truth to be a part of the conversation a lot Royal family But until a few years ago, the English did not see her very well, seeing her who ruined her current husband’s marriage in mourning. lady d.

Camila’s past

About the past of Carlo, his children and his ex-wife Diana, who died tragically on August 31, 1997, we know almost everything. What is known – to be honest – is much less than that Camila, the ex-wife of Officer Andrew Parker Bowles and also like her current and beloved husband, father of two children – however – do not like to appear in public much or live in or near the palace, although they are often present for various reasons at official ceremonies. they do not want to stay away And they live their lives in complete secrecy, without winning articles and the front pages of magazines. But you know who they are I play their part too Siblings William and Harry?

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Who are the children of the wife of the King of England?

Camilla’s children, for all intents and purposes, the half-brothers of William and Harry, while remaining unobtrusive by their choice, have always participated in the most important events of the Royal family. I think for example Lisa, the beautiful daughter of Laura, was among them Kate Middleton’s baby bridesmaids On your lavish and unforgettable wedding day with William. What about the son of the new queen’s wife? he is called Tom And I think Carlo also played a subtle and intimate role The role of the godfather. It is not for nothing that for many years he has been a wonderful husband and first man friend to his current wife, we are talking about him Andrew Parker BowlesHe was also engaged to Anna, the king’s sister and only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth.

From Camilla Shand and Andrew Parker Bowles Marriage, which was celebrated in 1973, two children were born, today more adults than ever before. virgin camilla, Tom Parker Bowles, previously mentioned. He was born in London on December 18, 1974.

Children's show Camilla and Liam Harry only

the man Famous food writer and critic He is absolute. His ex-wife, some will be buy, is a famous fashion journalist. Tom has two children, like Lola and Freddy. His last love, it seems, was the journalist Alice ProkopSadly, he passed away prematurely at the age of 42 last March.

Camila’s second child Her name is Laura Parker Bowles. Unlike her brother and mother, the woman, who was born in Swindon on January 1, 1978, is happily married to accountant Harry Lopez. She graduated in Art History and Marketing from Oxford Brookes University and then trained in Venice at the famous Guggenheim Museum.

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