“I forgive but there is noise in the family”

There was a lot of talk about feeling between Can Yaman NS Francesca Chelmy And now an ex-husband Miss Italy, Stefano Rosso, He breaks the silence: “I forgive, but someone in the family makes a fuss.” So, it seems that calm has returned in the couple, But the suspicious images that have appeared in newspapers in the past few weeks have been difficult to comprehend. It all started from the meeting on the set.

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Kan Yaman and Francesca Chelmi

Between the Turkish actor and the former Miss Italy, who participated in the filming of the feature film ‘Viola come il mare’, a relationship was born that sparked gossip. He could have been celibate after their chatting relationship with Diletta Leotta ended, but the actress wasn’t. In the new issue of Che on newsstands, in Gossip Pills, we read that Rousseau would have forgiven Chelmy, after the scoop that assumed two nights of passion for the actors.

Can Yaman and Francesca Chelme, the pair talk

The pictures that appeared in the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, in fact, took the two out of the same door, the house where Chelmi lives when she is in Rome. The alleged courtship would have drive the family of the former Miss Italy crazy. Now we always read “who” that Russo would have forgiven those photos, but we keep talking in the family.

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