Temptation Island, Georgette Polizzi remembers her wedding day

Influencer Georgette Polizzi remembers her wedding day with Davide Tresse which was also broadcast on Real Time. An unforgettable moment for the former contestants on Temptation Island, they are now waiting for the birth of their first daughter, Sole.

Georgette Polizzi and Davide Tracy They are one of the most beautiful couples who came out unharmed from the reality show happy temptation island. Two years ago, after years of relationship, they got engaged to wedding. Today, Georgette, is happier than ever with her David, by stories Instagram summoned him marriage. The ceremony was also broadcast on the channel At present.


An unforgettable moment for the couple who is about to become the father of a child Sole. pregnant georgette And with Davide, they update social networks day by day to inform fans of the pregnancy progress.

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Little sun arrives


Georgette BoulesI announced in recent days date of birth the daughter Sole. In fact, Georgette has made herself available to her fans on Instagram to answer their curiosity about her and among the questions asked is the question regarding when Sole will be born. The influencer replied:

Estimated date is March 27, 2022 But in fact, a scheduled caesarean section will be 20 days earlier. So the little sun will not be a ram but a little fish.

So the baby must be born around March 7 With CaesareanAccording to the mother, she and husband David were overjoyed when they learned they were expecting the baby. In fact, Georgette’s pregnancy journey has been arduous. polese georgette Affected multiple sclerosis His path to conceiving the little sun was not easy at all. However, months and months of medical trips, which were psychologically difficult for the spouses, led to the desired result. A few days ago, the influencer on social networks expressed her concerns about the desired pregnancy:

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It’s already 5 and a half months Even if it seemed to me yesterday.
Every Sunday I wake up with a bigger belly, and every Sunday I wake up and consciousness becomes more alive.
I don’t know if this was the “mistake” of the track or the fact that I risked losing it after three months, but so far I can’t get one hundred percent conscious. It’s like I’ve always had this fear of deceiving myself I can’t convince myself that the best thing in my life can be done. I can’t give up completely, I’m always a little slower.
Is it so or was it for you too!?

A golden couple moment, I can only pass on to it best wishes.

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