March 23, 2023

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Men and women, Ida Platano forgets Riccardo Guarnieri: finally …

Ida Platano clarifies her emotional position, after rumors were leaked on the web in the last period. Hairdresser from Brescia, among the undisputed champions of men and women of Maria de Filippi, after the stormy and disappointing end of her relationship with Ricardo Guarnieri, she has finally turned the page and her heart is free …

Members Ida Platano Hope continues: dreaming of that lady on the throne From men and women You may find soonthe love. After a bitter disappointment I felt because Ricardo Guarnieriher historic ex-boyfriend, with whom she has repeatedly tried to restore a relationship that apparently came to her instead EndIda enjoys the summer between vacations, work, friendships and fun.

There are no men in sight, at least so it seems.

It was the same Hair stylist from Brescia To confirm in Instagram Stories to his followers that his site heart He doesn’t hit for anyone.

Men and Women, Ida Platano forgets Riccardo Guarnieri: at last & # 8230;

Indeed, a lot of doubts arose in the last period: Platano showed herself very calm, cheerful, calm on social networks … It seemed that there was no trace of the sadness and bitterness that Ricardo felt.

And here comes the suspicion of many: that Ida has finally found someone to do it heart beat And that makes her happy and calm, making her feel like a real princess? The web spreads rumors about rumors, about possible and new love Knowledge for a friend Gemma Galgani.

Men and women: Ida explains her emotional state

Men and Women, Ida Platano forgets Riccardo Guarnieri: at last & # 8230;

To be clear, as we said, the immediate interest was in Instagram Stories, while it’s from Barber And her friend Kiara explained to her to do her braids Marital status:

Then you ask me during this period that you see me calm and peaceful. I am calm and calm. there is nothing. nothing nothing. I’m fine, that’s it.

Men and Women, Ida Platano forgets Riccardo Guarnieri: at last & # 8230;

That’s it, she says. Which is certainly no small thing. The lady, one of the heroes of the program Maria de FilippiI finally managed to leave the relationship with tarantino knight Which gave her magical moments but also a lot of suffering and a lot of tears.

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Now Ida is ready to turn truly page. with a man? Currently from lonliness. The only man in her life is her son SamuelThe one you love so much… for other knights… there is time.