How and who can apply?

How and who can apply?

Since the beginning of the year, fuel prices have started to rise relentlessly, reaching numbers never seen before, putting Italian motorists and families in serious difficulties, especially those who have to use the car every day to go to work.

The government, as we all know, has started after weeks of hardship Production Fee Reduction (Extended Again)Which brought prices down at the pump and made the situation at least livable, despite the fact that prices have skyrocketed and continue to empty the pockets of Italians, who are now exhausted by these ongoing increases.

Fuel Bonus: How to Apply

New aid for citizens on the way: Starting yesterday, September 12, it is possible to apply for the fuel bonus. After a long wait it arrived. Despite the reduction in production fees and Some tricks that motorists have devised to save gasolineThe situation, however, has been unsustainable for months now.

It’s a truly tragic moment for the residents of Belle Baysey, if we also take into account the increase in electricity and gas bills – in general – in all their daily expenses. Oil-producing countries have cut production, and what follows is the unaffordable price tag (obviously not the only reason for the increases).

The reward has been given since yesterday and Valid up to 30 days laterThrough the Excise Authority portal – Customs and Monopolies. release him tax credit at 28%the application can be submitted by cargo carriers on behalf of third parties, which have their operational headquarters or a stable organization in Italy.

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They are workers who have the possibility of recovering fuel expenses, made between January and March 2022 to work with their vehicles. This is a new contribution that can be combined with other privileges of the same class, only and exclusively if it is used as compensation on Form F24. How to apply: By accessing the platform using the SPID or electronic ID card and filling out the appropriate form.

And that’s not all: employees can also get a petrol voucher worth up to 200 euros, which is paid directly to the payment receipt by the employer. There are no income limits and no specific requirements are necessary to access this bonus.

Today’s fuel prices: a glimmer of light

It seems that at the moment Prices go down. According to the processing by Quotidiano Energia on the basis of data sent by managers to the Mise Price Observatory and updated at 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 11, the average prices charged are:

  • Gasoline in self-service mode at 1728 euros / liter (1745 before that), with different brands ranging from 1712 to 1735 euros / liter;
  • Self-service diesel at 1,832 euros / liter (1843 last Friday), with companies priced between 1,815 and 1,847 euros / liter;
  • Gasoline setting at €1.875 / liter (the previous figure is 1.897);
  • Diesel service at €976 / liter (previously 1990);
  • LPG between 0.798 and 0.822 EUR/L;
  • spontaneous methane between 2995 and 3316.

The hope is that the situation improves and this downward trend continues, to reach “normal” and affordable fuel prices for Italian families.

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