February 1, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Art Night – Rai Media Office

The work of one of the most extraordinary architectural studios in the world: “Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop” tells the documentary Francesca Molteni, directed by Claudia Adragna and Davide Foa, broadcast on Wednesday January 18th at 21.15 in first view on Rai 5 for “Night of Art With Neri Marcourier. Renzo’s piano workshop is a laboratory, in fact an Italian-style workshop, a place where research, experimentation and mass production take place. Here we create and discuss, models such as logical thinking are developed by hand; Because, as Piano always says: “If something does not stand on its own, it is not worth the effort to make it.” We work as a team, as on a construction site: “A construction site with ideas next to a construction site from hands and a construction site with stones.”
“We managed to enter as attentive spectators,” explains Francesca Molteni, “one of the most important architecture studios in the world. What happens here is a miracle of creation: from the sketches of the project to the physical strength of the construction site under construction. Behind all this is the presence of Renzo Piano, inspiring ideas, With two of his greatest qualities: being a mentor while distancing himself from a project, and his extraordinary ability to visualize a problem and find the best solution.”
(Renzo Piano)
The documentary shows the method of a piano “workshop”: what happens in the studios in Punta Nave in Genoa and in Paris, on construction sites – in Europe, in Asia, in America – in business meetings inside the studio, and in interviews with consultants and clients.
Five projects were selected and followed for 18 months at various stages of conception and realization: The Academic Museum of Motion Picture in Los Angeles, California, opens in 2021, a highly representative building site (the fictional factory); Cern science portal in Geneva, Switzerland, still under construction, a construction site with high community content (The Science Factory); The site of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris-Saclay, completed in 2020, in a large park with high educational content (Knowledge Factory); Snf Thessaloniki General Hospital in Sparta, Greece, sustainable construction site with high human content (The Sanitary Factory); Marunouchi Tokio Marine in Tokyo, a technological construction site in the middle of the city with high symbolic content (labor factory).
Five different places, three continents, and five social and environmental contexts have little in common except in the manner of Renzo’s piano workshop.

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