Why is there more cocaine than ever in Spain?

Why is there more cocaine than ever in Spain?

Why is there more cocaine than ever in Spain?CNP

The numbers indicate historic success. It was located and virtually confiscated by the National Police 70 thousand kilograms of cocaine During 2023, according to sources inUDYCO CentralAn elite unit that fights against… drugs smuggling a Spain.

In 2022, they confiscated 45,000 kilograms of drugs, a 32% increase in the amount of cocaine seized in just one year. Police sources admitted it was “brutal”. The final results will be announced in January.

Europe floods

The numbers reflect indisputable achievements: from the site Larger laboratory To manufacture cocaine from Europe on a Galician farm even 11 ringtones Drugs hidden among Tuna cans. On Thursday, the National Police found 2,000 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a ship's tank in Puerto de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But police officials are not fooled. He added: “The volume of incoming drugs exceeds by thousands what is being dealt with.” They are trying to flood all of Europe“, sources in the drug fight admit.

Again, they point to numbers, others: “L A kilo of coca He is now in 18,000 eurosthat it Very low priceTwo years ago the price was between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. This is the best indicator that, even though we are confiscating more drugs than ever before, There are a lot of medications on the market“, they point out.

Behind this change in strategy there is also one thing Change hands. Large shipments of cocaine to Spain “were controlled before Albanianswith whom I collaborated Colombian groupsPolice sources explained that these new criminal groups have settled inEcuadorCrime rates are sky-high, including political assassinations. To send large quantities of drugs, they are looking for A Spanish partner Which has a company of “sufficient and respectable size”. They use it from coveras in the case of Baptista SP, the Galician businessman who was expected to be surprised by the tuna.

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Sources he consulted Open case They explained that these new Albanian groups that control the distribution of cocaine “don't mind losing a lot of money if they confiscate a shipment. They put a lot of drugs in each shipment, if one of them goes through it is already profitable.”

These groups have replaced what is known as Balkan Cartel, integrated by Serbia and Montenegro. Some of them were former jewel thieves, known as Pink panthersauthors of legendary robberies of jewelry stores across Europe who then moved on to the cocaine trade.

Barcelona and Valencia

The new Albanian communities “are very stable in Spain, especially in Spain Barcelona And the Spanish Eastthey have special connections in Port of Valencia“, confirmed police sources. Among the twenty who were arrested this month on charges of confiscating 3,500 kilograms of coca in Valencia, there are ten Albanians.

At the moment, there is nothing in Spain Account modifications There is no blood between these groups. “Here they don't care about making noise,” explained anti-drug sources. “They make it their base of operations: they invest, launder money by buying real estate, and live well.” Some of these dairies were bought at approx Mansions of Russian millionaires In Spain. The Russians were selling them quickly and aggressively to circumvent sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine.

Cocaine interference in an operation in Platja d'Aro.

So far, the only ones who break this unwritten rule among drug cartels are drug cartel members Mokhromafiathe second or third generation of Moroccans in Europe who shined in some revenge I Crimes On the Costa del Sol, but they are causing a real attack on power in other EU countries.

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The information received from other European police coincides with that dealt with by the Spanish police. “We have one Serious threata Drug torrent Who comes to us and can Endangering the rule of law. We continue to press here, and we do not want to have in Spain what other countries already have. We need prosecutors and judges, and we all realize that there is no need for them to start killing journalists and prosecutors…” These sources confirm that “the general situation in Europe is very dangerous.”Minanco websitewhich will be ours Pablo Escobar “Homemade, it's little compared to these people.”

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