The brave librarians who took books to hidden places in the USA

The brave librarians who took books to hidden places in the USA

Librarians on horseback A non-fiction picture book for adults rather than children, it is the picture story of these famous women who, in the era of the Great Depression, were hired as librarians to transport books to poor families living in isolated homes in the Appalachian Mountains. Mountains. A few years ago, in 2010 to be precise, the publishing house Joventut had already sent us a wonderful fantasy album describing this necessary and strange feat, Lady of books D. Heather Henson.

Navarrese painter Concha Passamar is the author of the text and illustrations Librarians on horsebackand in the work you can catch a glimpse of his enormous task of combining clear, well-organized and synthetic information on the subject with illustrations that seek to recreate the event and place it in the context of time and place in what happened Concha Pasamar has managed, in a very precise way, to convey the atmosphere of the moment through Air classic This is reflected not only in the landscapes and people walking around, but also and above all in the details that appear there.

The book succeeds in arousing interest in the subject and creating enough anticipation to push the reader to turn the pages to learn more, as if what is in front of him is a work of imagination. It is also able to capture the reader and, above all, transport him to the situation and time when the most daring librarians took reading into the most hidden corners.

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