YouTube adds feature 'stolen' from Samsung: Crazy News

YouTube adds feature 'stolen' from Samsung: Crazy News

New YouTube feature 'stolen' from Samsung. That's it, we're faced with something crazy new to try now.

Let's get ready for one A new wave of news is coming to YouTube. The Google-owned platform has already been able to renew itself a lot during 2023, but it seems that next year will be the decisive turning point. Thanks to innovative and never-before-seen tools that will focus everything on delivering the user experience to consumers More immersive.

New YouTube function 'stolen' from Samsung –

Among other things, there is one addition in particular that seems to be ready for everyone to access. Apparently “Stolen” from Samsung, actually hides some never-before-seen gems that will instantly become part of users' habits. That's what it's all about How to make the most of the tool: It is one of the most intriguing innovations of recent times.

New YouTube feature coming soon: what is it?

this A new feature just introduced by YouTube It is intended to cause discussion. Both negative and positive. If many criticize it because it looks like a copy of what It was actually launched years ago by SamsungFor others, it's a nice, new way to use a platform that's usually only meant for reproducing select videos.

YouTube Ambient Mode update for Android launched
This is what YouTube Ambient Mode looks like on Android – Screenshot 9to5Google –

Recently, Google decided to improve Ambient situation. Allowing the screen to be illuminated by a glow around the video window, giving consumers a more immersive experience While watching the selected content. A decision that aims to improve consumer immersion, but can be distracting at times.

But now the first useful measures have already begun. For those who have Android smartphone With the YouTube app installed, there is an update that will allow Ambient Mode to turn on Much nicer to look at. As 9to5Google explained, the update should already be in the launch phase.

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If previously the light under the screen was almost imperceptible, now in the new version it has improved and will also be extended Click the video player. This is to obtain a more vibrant range of colors that benefits the consumer experience, according to studies. Which will allow them to stay more focused on the specific video and at the same time Enjoy more vibrant colors On the screen of your smartphone or computer.

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