Innocent people take the net

Innocent people take the net

Following the tradition of the Day of the Holy Innocents, councils and organizations yesterday took to social networks to share the innocents. One classic is the Agramont Town Hall, which announced the appointment of journalist Mónica Terrebas as part of the 40th anniversary of Radio SEO and the 60th anniversary SEO Magazine. For its part, the Council of Anglesola announced the celebration of New Year's Eve in the swamp with the dropping of bells on the water, while the Esterri d'Àneu residence hung a poster indicating that the building was sold “with the tenants.” And workers included.”

Another unique anecdote of the day came from Naut Aran, who confirmed that “after the success of Nandu Jubany's Hincha, other great culinary professionals like Dabiz Muñoz or Juan Mari Arzak are interested in opening a business in Baquera.” In Fras, they posted a ban stating that the Camarlink was lost and that “people from the government team will go looking for it, dressed as elves and accompanying it in a dance.” Coty x CotyOn the other hand, Soussis confirmed that in January there will be heated swimming pools. One of the traditions of this day is raising a doll In Trimpe. The guys from Casa del Sol Naixent make a big loofah Which hangs from the village bell tower.

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