Ukraine: Russian missiles on Kharkiv hit a 6-storey apartment building – Europe

Ukraine: Russian missiles on Kharkiv hit a 6-storey apartment building – Europe

Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities continue, again involving the civilian population. A Russian missile hit a six-storey apartment building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv earlier today, partially destroying it, and an elderly woman has been pulled out from under the rubble so far, while there are no reports of any casualties.

Three more people were killed in the wake of a second missile attack that wounded 16 people. According to the deputy director
From the Ukrainian presidential office Kirill Tymoshenko, the Russians launched 10 missiles using the Smerch system, targeting residential areas.

Two people were killed in the village of Zolochev, also in the Kharkiv region, as a result of Russian bombing. Four more cruise missiles were launched from Moscow Aviation aircraft in the Odessa region (southwest): according to Tymoshenko, one of the bombs hit a building, but there were no reports of casualties or injuries.

Yesterday the war marked the first massacre of civilians since the Russians focused on the offensive on Donetsk. Three rockets destroyed a building in the town of Chasiv Yar, killing at least 18 people, but the death toll is likely temporary as dozens of people struggle among the rubble, including a girl. Perhaps another tragic target error was made by the invading army, which in the following hours claimed to have hit some US arms sheds in the area.

Emergency services said another apartment building was hit in the strike and its roof was partially destroyed, but no injuries were found. Pavlo Kirilenko, head of the regional military administration, said the massacre was caused by two or three Russian missiles: “Another confirmation of the crimes of the Russian Federation, and that it is bombing residential areas,” he complained. On the other hand, Moscow, while not commenting on the specific episode, stated in the daily bulletin that it “destroyed 17 command posts, four batteries of missile systems and two hangars near Kostyantynivka, where American-made M777 howitzers were used to bombard the apartment building. Donetsk provinces.” Kostyantynivka is not even 20 km from Chasiv Yar. Thus, a trajectory error is not excluded, if it is true that the attack was carried out with Uragan missile launchers, as the Ukrainians claim. In fact, these are Soviet-era vehicles, 50 years old, used by the army due to the lack of more modern weapons.

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The armed forces in Kyiv claim to have killed about 37,400 Russian soldiers so far. The Ukrainians reportedly shot down 217 fighters, 188 helicopters, and 676 drones, destroying 1,645 Russian tanks, 838 artillery systems, 3,828 armored personnel carriers, 15 ships, and 155 cruise missiles.

For their part, the Russians reported that they “thrown” about 250 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries during raids on the Usnovyansky and Slobodskoye districts of
Kharkiv. During the raids, up to 25 military vehicles were destroyed, including some armored vehicles.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General said that since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has committed more than 22,500 war crimes in the country. In particular, the latest figures indicate that Russian forces committed 22,504 war crimes. Of these, 21,677 are associated with violations of the laws and customs of war, and 73 are related to breaches
Planning, preparing, and initiating war, 21 for war propaganda and 733 for other crimes.

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