If you feel it at night, you should get a medical examination

If you feel it at night, you should get a medical examination

There are many types of cancer, and year after year the symptoms that alert the people concerned increase. One in particular, if it occurs at night, should cause concern.

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there cancer word It is just a definition that brings together different types, each with different characteristics from one topic to another. There are symptoms that should not be underestimated, as well as signs that do not seem to be related to this problem. Still, especially at night, a must Never worry.

Cancer types and symptoms

As mentioned, the types of tumors They may be different and the diseases associated with them are increasing year by year. We cannot define everything that exists today in the world, precisely because it is developing rapidly and with always different characteristics.

excessive sweating
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All this is related to certain symptoms, which are related to each other, which are nothing but alarm signals that are applied to one a form of disease. One in particular occurs during the night and can be very noticeable.

It is known that cancer is one scary degenerative disease, with symptoms that are confused and often not immediately understood. Doctors can evaluate a tumor as a different condition, precisely because it is constantly evolving and – often – silent.

woman sweating at night
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for this reason Prevention is imperative To control any events, as well as the ability to immediately intervene when needed. All people are advised to pay attention to even the slightest sign, as it can be alarming (from weight loss, unexplained pain, chronic fatigue).

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Cancer, the night sign that should alert

Experts talk about a nocturnal signal that must remain in control. between Early signs of cancer Excessive sweating, especially during the night hours. But what is the connection between them?

Sweating is a natural process of the body, even if it is not obvious. You tend to sweat all the time when you exercise, the temperatures are high, and you feel nervous — upset and angry — before menstruation Or in menopause – during illness as well as in conjunction with certain medications.

Insomnia from night sweats
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Not only that, sweating is linked to cancer due to infection that raises body temperature: the latter applies a defense mechanism that tries to reduce it immediately. Other tumors – As reported in Cancer Research UK – It can be associated with sweating because it causes it, ie:

  • bone cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • carcinoid tumors
  • blood cancer
  • mesothelioma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Lymphoma

Subsequent treatments such as ChemotherapyIt leads to sweating and hot flashes. Women in particular may experience early menopause during breast cancer treatment, while men may experience early menopause during breast cancer treatment. Prostate cancer.

The same goes for medicines and Anti-cancer drugsWhich generates the side effects of excessive sweating.

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