Celebration in Calabria of the International Day of Nurses “Art and Science in Evolution”

Celebration in Calabria of the International Day of Nurses “Art and Science in Evolution”

Catanzaro – It was held last Friday, May 12th in the Auditorium of the Campus”The coming of the saviorFrom the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro, the celebration of International Nurses Day on the occasion of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. This was the first edition that wanted to express gratitude to its professionals, and not only, for what they did during the pandemic and are still doing today. This was organized The event by the Renato Dulbecco University Hospital of Catanzaro, by the working group made up of the Director of Citra, Dr. Serafina Fiorello, the functional positions and the nurses of the directors of Mater Domini and Villa Bianca.All the representative institutional authorities of the territory participated in the magnificent organizing machine, all the regional institutions wanted to express The day opened – as they say – with the reading of the nurse’s oath and between greetings and speeches, the event witnessed the eminent presence of the Rector of the Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro Professor Giovambattista Di Sarro; Extraordinary Commissioner of the University Hospital “Renato Dulbecco Carlo La Regina; Head of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Agostino Gnaso; Head of the License Course in Nursing Prof. Patricia Doldo; Head of the License Course in Nursing Prof. SA Elena Socorro. President of the Calabria Region Council, Filippo Mancuso; the mayor of Catanzaro, represented by Venturino Lazzaro; Catanzaro Provincial President Mario Mormel; President of the Medical Guild of Catanzaro Delegate Pasquale Bozonia, Delegate of the Archbishop of Catanzaro Squilas Don Roberto Corabi, Chaplain of the University Campus; Directors of Health Professions in the Provinces of Calabria: AOU Renato Dulbecco Presidi Pugliese / Ciaccio Caterina Puntoriero; Dr.. Pietro López ASP Crotone; Cosimo Buonofiglio ASP Reggio Calabria; Salvatore Fuina ASP from Catanzaro; Presidents of the Professional Unions of Nurses (OPI) of the Provinces of Calabria: Dr. Antonio Ciamproni (delegate) of OPI in Czechoslovakia; Dr.. Fausto Sposato OBI from CS; Giuseppe D’Ano OBI from KR; Aurora Arena (delegate) for OPI’s VV. The videoconference was also greeted by the FNOPI National President, Dr. Barbara Mangiacavalli, who was also granted sponsorship of the event.

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During the event, “the centrality of the nurse within the health system and especially in the assistance relationship was emphasized. Relationship assistance and relationship time that have become fundamental to the humanization of care. Therefore, the organizational innovation and social care that characterizes our time cannot do without investment in nurses, which is a key figure in NHS”. Institutional interventions had a unique resonance in emphasizing the “extraordinary work of assistance and care carried out professionally and humanely by nurses; a task often carried out in silence but precious and indispensable.” This particular day has evolved around the humanization of care, as it was introduced Some testimonials Thanks to moderation journalists Clara Varano and Julia Zampina, patients who wanted to recount their experience and highlight the power of kindness in establishing a ‘helping’ relationship.; the importance of listening in the age of Covid; tenderness in end-of-life care as well as finding testimony ‘on the other side’ from a nurse sick “.

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The work continued with an interactive round table that always kept the theme “Humanizing care, what has changed?”. The various associations initiated the discussion with the Red Cross on the authority of Sister Antonina Baresi, President of FISH Calabria Dr. Annunziata Coppi, President and Coordinator of CittadinanzAttiva / TDM Dr. Elia Celia and Nino Critelli, President of the Centers Against Violence d. Stefania Figliuzzi, Head of AISM in CZ Dr. Marcella Fornoto, provided a valuable contribution as well as a valid analysis of their work. The roundtable continued under the supervision of Dr. Silvio Simeone Med45, researcher at the University of Magna Greccia in Catanzaro, who emphasized the importance of the role of scientific societies in the field of nursing, and then gave the floor to their representatives: Dr. Raffaella Fiorentino for OSDI; Dr.. AIOM’s Carlo Barberino; Dr.. Daniel Commisso for ANIARTI; Dr.. Francesco Tallarico of the Anaste Humanitas Foundation; Dr.. CNAI’s Vittoria Tolomeo; Dr. Cosimo Bonofiglio of SIDMI; Anna Maria Condito and Dr. Anna Zengari for SIGOT; Dr. Eleonora Nicic on ANIPIO; Dr. Giuseppe Paonessa of AICO; Dr. Sarah Fiorillo of S.IG.G. All representatives highlighted the importance of communities having access to evidence-based care.

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This event is brought to life through the animation of a film about moments from the working lives of nurses in the facilities of Mater Domini and Villa Bianca, skillfully shot by nurse Dr. Gennaro Bevilacqua also provided two more moments of reflection and emotion by singing “treatment“L’Batiato performed by Dr. Patrizia Magnolia’s nurse”Life is beautifulIt was recited and sung by Dr. Loredana Fanfara, the position in charge. During the event, there was an impromptu painting by the nurse Piero Lopret, who donated his masterpiece live, of Dr. Sara Fiorillo representing all the nurses. There is also a photographic exhibition represented by various posters of a talent Nurses, created by the job positions of AOU “Renato Dulbecco” Presidi Mater Domini and Villa Bianca.At the end of this wonderful day, graduate nurse Ludovica Nacimbene and student Martina Greco were recognized by Professor Patricia Doldo, Course Chair, for their excellence and assistance to a member In the Guardia di Finanza Corps in case of emergency.

The day was enlivened by the news that at the end announced: “The Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro has requested a ministerial mandate to commence a research doctoral study specific to the profession of nursing and other health professions. Important recognition of an increasingly central profession even within undergraduate courses.”

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