United States narrow lead over Germany, Sweden “Derby” north.

United States narrow lead over Germany, Sweden “Derby” north.

Germany almost scored against the United States, but was defeated 3-2 by the Stars and Stripes national team. After a scoreless first half, Attard put the North American team ahead with a time of 25:39. The Germans tied first with Sauramis at 30:23 in shorthand fashion (off Kästner) and then took the lead with Schutz at 19:55. On the final break, USA tied the game first through Farrell and then scored the final 2-3 on the powerplay (outside the cider) with Coronato.

The derby match between the Scandinavian national teams was won by Sweden in a penalty shootout, after the end of normal and extra time with a score of 1-1 due to fouls by Lindberg of the national team of the three titles at 37:17 and by Lamiko of the current champions. At 46:47. After a goalless extra time, penalties arrived: Oksanen and Tommernes conceded, Kapanen missed, Raymond gave Sweden the lead; errors by Rantanen, Lindberg, Hartikainen and Peterson; Jeremiah gives the Finns new hope and Sorensen misses the winning penalty. And it ends in a bitter end with Raymond scoring the decisive penalty while Oksanen missed, thus giving the win to the Cousins.

GER-USA 2-3 (0-0; 2-1; 0-2); FIN-SWE 1-2 dtr (0-0; 0-1; 1-0; 0-0; 0-1)


POS oozing PT PG
1 United States of America 9 3
2 SW extension 8 3
3 den 5 2
4 FIN 4 3
5 between 3 2
6 authentication 1 2
7 gear 0 3
8 here 0 2

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