Gigi Di Alessio talks about his girlfriend Denise: A little dig at Anna Tatangelo

Gigi Di Alessio talks about his girlfriend Denise: A little dig at Anna Tatangelo


After months of gossip and indiscretion, the Neapolitan singer has broken silence on his private life

magical time for Gigi D’Alessio. At 54, the singer who was born and raised in Naples has a new love – that young 28-year-old Denis Esposito – He’s about to become a father for the fifth time. In addition, he is ready to return to television as a coach for The Voice Senior. Not forgetting the issues of justice that were finally dismissed: D’Alessio was acquitted of the tax evasion charge.

To the weekly Novella 2000 – who tracked him down at the airport – Gigi D’Alessio spoke for the first time about new connection With young Dennis:

“I became a father to my fifth child in January. Denis is a very nice girl, we live together and are happy in Rome. She also accompanies me to Milan, where I am recording The Voice Senior”

Then Gigi de Alessio added:

“I am very happy with my life with Denise because unlike a lot of other people, she doesn’t want to appear at all. She is very happy with her life and she is very reluctant to meet with reporters and photographers. She is very conservative and being a showrunner and artist, I really appreciate this secrecy and that I don’t want Appearing where others might want to.”

dig for Anna Tatangelo? The latter has always been very respectful towards her ex-partner – with whom she has 11-year-old son Andrea – but in A recent interview with Verissimo He couldn’t help but criticize his colleague’s behavior.

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According to Mrs. Tata A Silvia Tovanen Anna and Andrea learned about Gigi Di Alessio’s new paternity through the newspapers. Thus, the person in question would not have personally reported the news to his ex-partner and fourth child. On the question D’Alessio never wanted to answer.

Also regarding the connection with Denis Esposito, the musician preferred to maintain maximum secrecy, perhaps because he was tired of the many gossip about his love life. The relationship between Anna E Gigi Born under the banner of criticism and rumours, for years the couple were the subject of drafts and whispers.

Now the music seems to have changed with Denis, who has made Napoli happy again after the end of his long relationship with Tatangelo. According to insiders Frost will fall between Gigi and Anna after farewell.

Who is Denis Esposito?

28 years old, age Denis Esposito Born and raised in Naples. Blonde, blue eyes, plump lips, upturned nose and model body, she has always been a huge fan of Gigi D’Alessio. Denise is not part of the entertainment world: she studies law and dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Dennis comes from a traditional and solid family: His father, Salvatore, Dean With important tasks. The young woman has a brother three years older than her and is closely related to him. The first meeting between Gigi and Denise took place in the summer of 2020, during a show in Capri. Love at first sight, understanding my body and my mind, let go. Last February, then, The first introductions to the family.

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