Why do great ideas come in the bathroom? Science answers

Why do great ideas come in the bathroom?  Science answers

You can’t underestimate the importance of a nice, rejuvenating shower, but have you ever wondered why all the great ideas come into being in that moment?

L’personal cleanliness It’s part of all those daily “activities” and we know too well that it’s impossible to avoid, especially during the holidays Summer seasonwhen the only way to escape the “tentacles” of the stinging rays is to get inside Shower.

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There are those who prefer to enjoy those beautiful moments songs Which, on the other hand, is preferred Silence He loves to hear the sound of running water. It doesn’t matter if the shower is short or lasts several minutes, the important thing is that you indulge in those moments in totality restbut how often we are “filled” with soap, when suddenly thoughts, or rather thoughts, attack us thoughts Outside of this context, what were we even remotely imagining? The answer is many times, but listen, listen! Today we want to tell you that all this is not a file issue.

In this regard, some scholars have done a studyUniversity of VirginiaTheir results were published in the journal Psychology of aesthetics, creativity and the arts. What appeared? Let’s scroll down to find out together.

Great ideas in the bathroom: the study of the experts

There are many who not only refresh themselves but feel great by indulging in a bath thoughts. At this point, there is a raison d’être: What happens to our brain when water wets our bodies? Simple, in those minutes our brain finds itself in perfect balance between linear thinking And focused And Unlimited link And random.

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Shower (Image via Canva) – Lindiscreto.it

L’shower effectIn this way by researchers, it has been shown that some daily activities, such as taking a shower, but also taking a walk, allow our mind to find the right serenity and develop creativity.

The scientists tested several participants and asked them to come up with an original way to use it section that it brick. The two groups were two, each of whom had to look at pictures that lasted approx Three minutes This way they can stimulate their imagination.

One group watched a video, one of which showed two people sorting freshly picked clothes, while the other video showed a scene from the movie “Harry meets SallyThose were the scenes Meg Ryan She was faking an orgasm while inside a restaurant crowded with people What were the goals of watching movies? Experts replied that it is necessary to know how the mind is transmitted during this view, which can be from the side Less curious On the other hand, morejoking“.

Shower (Image via Canva) – Lindiscreto.it

It has been shown that the most original ideas are generated when the brain is most involved in seeing The second video, therefore, the most attractive. We can tell you that imagination is most stimulated when you do something that is us more interests.

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