Why is man the only mammal that no longer has a penis bone? For the record the error of monogamy!

Why is man the only mammal that no longer has a penis bone?  For the record the error of monogamy!

Because of monogamy, we lost the bone of the penis, and the structure evolved from 145 to 95 million years ago

The man’s penis was bony, as was the case with other animal species. However, as we know, it no longer exists. The “mistake” of monogamy according to the latest research. Which did not hide his memory, according to some dialect expressions.

A 2016 study was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B showed that the ancestors of mammals, like humans, did not have beaki.e. penis bone, but ancestral primates and carnivores had it and showed that the skeleton first evolved in mammals Between 145 and 95 million years ago.

The bone of the penis ensures longer penetration, since it is independent of the erection, which is directed by the blood flow in the penis. In historical periods when many men intercourse with many women, sexual competition to some extent “imposed” safer reproductive strategies and gene transfer.

And in fact in animal species where the bone is still present as such.

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Our results indicate that beak It plays an important role in support reproductive strategies In species where males face high levels of post-cultural sexual competition – reported Matilda Brendel, first author of the work – prolonged penetration of the male helps ensure that the female does not mate with other competitors, increasing the chances of passing on their genetic material

In fact, chimpanzees and bonobos, the closest relatives of humans, have very small bones (between 6-8 mm) and short penetration times (about 7 seconds for chimpanzees and 15 for bonobos) and are characterized by Polygamous Conjugation SystemsTherefore, they face high levels of post-cultural competition between males. Thus, this is probably why this species keeps a legume, albeit a small one.

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On the other hand, humans have increasingly evolved towards monogamy, making beak In the absence of high competition after intercourse.

But we didn’t forget that we somehow owned it.

For example in Catania they say “Subpeti stoso(Remove this bone) which originally referred to the penis bone.

sources: University College London / Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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