January 28, 2023

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They are the smartest dogs in the world, we reveal their ranking according to science »ILMETEO.it

Animals: What are the smartest dogs in the world, we reveal their ranking according to science

The Belgian Malinois is the smartest dog in the worldthe
dog They have always been able to give us company and love every moment of our day.

We want to review this particular article The smartest dog breeds in the world. To disclose it, as reported by the newspaper Newspaperwas a research conducted inUniversity of Helsinkiin Finlandwhose results were published in the journal Scientific Nature Reports. By evaluating more than 1,000 samples, a ranking has emerged that identifies the most intelligent dog breed.

It is known, for example, that Labradors are affectionate, pit bulls are often aggressive (especially if excited), and dachshunds and puppies in general are more restless because they often feel challenged. On the subject of intelligence, Al first place Instead we find the Belgian Malinoisa Belgian Sheepdog often chosen as a police dog, which he acquired 35 out of 39 points On the basis of cognitive and behavioral performance. Then follow me border collies With 26 points and then hovawart hey Water dog. It should be noted that among the various tests that were identified during the examination of the animals, there was the ability to respond to human gestures such as: pointers, raising the hand or looking, and even gestures made with the feet.

The purpose of this study was to provide more clarity about the differences between breeds of cognition traits in dogs” he claims Sarah Guntella, author of the study. “Understanding human gestures is a measure of social cognition, so dogs that do well on this task are good at reading and understanding humans“Concludes.

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