Flavio Insinna, his parents’ fault he never spoke of

Flavio Insinna, his parents’ fault he never spoke of

Flavio Encina, the famous conductor and actor, spoke in an interview about his career: his parents’ fault that he never talked about

Flavio Incina He is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile characters on Italian television. In fact, during the fall and winter seasons, we always see him battling it out with the presentation of Rai’s most beloved game offering orlegacy, but he has always been an actor in his life both in fiction and in film and theater. In short, he is a real showman in all respects.

Flavio Insinna talks about parents (raiplay screenshot) ilgranata.it

the legacy She entered her life after the premature death of Fabrizio Friese, which left everyone speechless. The network decided to entrust Flavio with directing, because in the past he was already on top of other successful game shows that saw him as their protagonist. For example, for a long time, it was he who drove out of work. The transmission that has so far reached the hands of the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Sanremo Festival: Amadeus.

Flavio Encina talks about his parents: how they raised him

Even if today we see Flavio most of the time as a conductor on TV, he certainly doesn’t forget where he came from and what his greatest passion is: acting. Since he was a child, he had shown an intense love for this world, and when he found himself becoming exactly what he had always dreamed of, he could not believe it, but at the same time he knew how true it was.

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Actor Flavio Incina
Flavio Insinna and his dream of becoming a doctor – (Ray’s play screenshot) ilgranata.it

And to think that it wasn’t really certain that Flavio was going to do this in his life. In fact, he and his parents were sure He will become a doctorkisa: Practically decides to take this path after the end of high school.

Flavio remembers those moments as well as if only a day had passed: he still can’t believe how his parents were convinced of this, when he was a child, they did nothing but take him to see great movies and theater performances. In fact, he stated that it was only their fault that he fell in love with her and chose work as his life’s profession.

On the other hand, “guilt” is nothing more than a nice term that he used to show his gratitude to his parents who raised him by guiding him to what would later become the job that would change his whole life.

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