Milan Transfer Market – Pulisic at hand. For Rangers…

Milan Transfer Market – Pulisic at hand.  For Rangers…

As reported by well-known transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio Pulisic, he will be closer to Milan than ever before. News also for Reijnders

Important work is implementation Milan in this transfer market. The Rossoneri, after the first three official shots, still need a lot of reinforcements to be able to significantly improve the team. The administration will work to achieve two main objectives: Pulisic and Reijnders. Here is the latest news about the players.

Milan transfer market, almost made for Pulisic

According to what was reported by the well-known expert market transferGianluca DiMarziothe Milan and Chelsea They will get closer and closer to agreeing on cleaning (Here is our news). Only final approval for the operation would be missing after the Rossoneri raised the bid to approx 20 million plus bonuses. The operation can be closed on short notice, so much so that Pioli can make it available for retirement. As a greeting ReijndersInstead, it is Milan are said to continue working to bridge the gap with AZbut it may take longer than expected. Also read: Milan, what would you change with Reijnders? Possible tactical solutions

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