Science and Consciousness – AsSIS

Science and Consciousness – AsSIS

Before talking about it artificial intelligence (IA) It would be appropriate to specify what is meant Intelligence. Just as when we talk about consciousness related to intelligence, we must understand what we are talking about.

It really seems like science with a capital S can’t quite understand what it is Awareness. “There is nothing we know more deeply than consciousness, but nothing more difficult to explain“For Bateson, consciousness is a process and does not reside in any anatomical structure such as the cerebral cortex.

In fact, we don’t really know what consciousness or intelligence is, either abstract or non-physical entities.


The concept of intelligence has evolved over time, from a static, quantitative and purely cognitive view to a dynamic, multifaceted and qualitative idea.

For some, intelligence is the ability to make connections and differentiate between items. A mental function that includes the ability to think, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, understand complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience.

In the psychological field, the main theoretical models of intelligent thinking are differential theories, gestalt theory and cognitive theories according to which intelligence is expressed in three basic ways: analytical, creative and practical.

Amnesty International

As much as one can understandAmnesty International points out to Any human-like behavior It is displayed by a machine or in the system.

In the simplest form of AI, one can involve computers when they are programmed to “mimic” human behavior using large-scale data from snapshots of similar behavior.

The word that occurs is “behaviour” which belongs to a completely different domain.

Another definition we find in the literature is the study of agents who They receive perceptions from the environment and perform actions. In this case, the more precise and educated definition does not talk about behaviors, but rather about the agents that carry out a function.

The goal, not always clear, seems to be a goal Improve knowledge and thinking.

Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence is dOriented towards the acquisition of planning forms with the aim of exploring areas of knowledge.

What a story

It was Descartes Separating the mind from the body. Okay, but we’re talking about 400 years ago. However, mainstream thought still confuses mind, consciousness, and brain, defined on a continuum where only one dominant substance is seen.

This may be easier to understand Biological matter is governed and moved to some extent by elements of the sensory, emotional, etc. sphere. It is clear that feelings do not belong to the intellectual sphere, but to a different level, the level of feeling.

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also Feeling To the scientific community It is determined in the sensor In a material vision that separates feelings from the five senses.

In fact, we are in completely different areas, and we belong to them Qualitative fieldIts origin and essence are difficult to understand, difficult to define in words, however Extremely powerful in their expression.

If all of this must be measurable, and science has the task of defining the boundaries or rather the field of knowledge, then it follows that everything that does not fall within this scope is not considered scientific.

Junk DNA, galaxies we don’t see, etc. will not be taken into account and will not have a definitive function simply because the available tools do not allow us to measure and know them.

Intelligence tests (IQ) – between virtual and real

Intelligence tests It’s about virtuality When in reality things go completely differently. So calling them intelligence tests leaves a lot of doubts (i.e. what is meant by intelligence).

If you had to use a defibrillator, you could have an IQ of 140, get a three and pass a test to use it, but if you were paralyzed with surprise at the sight of the person calling for help, you would be very ineffective and therefore less useful than A normal human being uses his head appropriately and is not paralyzed by fear.

Virus intelligence from another world

in Brain-centered dimension We can take it Man as the owner of the intellectual markwhile all the rest collects quality crumbs for which we claim absolute patents.

But in fact we can notice that not all forms of intelligence are related to the brain, and sometimes, as in the case of viruses, we are not only talking about the brain, we are not even talking about the nervous system or even biological entities. .

Since biology depends on the existence of organisms made of cells, which are the basic building block of life, the virus is not considered alive because it is a cellless parasite. It would be interesting to know which cHow, its ability to adapt, to overcome the defenses of others, its infinite mutations, its interrelationships with the environment, and even the ability to cause deadly diseases, are all matters considered by the Cartesian yoke who does not comment on this at all.

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The entire animal world is equipped Forms of thought that we take for granted We underestimate them as species behavior.

Fridolin the rooster

Ethologist Peter Wohlleben tells us in his book About Animals that the Fridolin rooster lives with two chickens in a barn of 150 square meters. But the two hens are too small a harem for him. After mating several times, it happens that his advances are rejected. Fridolin is not easily satisfied and so he sets up a real, well-thought-out trick.

Usually, in order to win them over, he searches for food for the chickens and offers it to them. They, in the throes of happiness and gratitude, give the rooster their blessings. But Fridolin does not get full easily and when he does not have any food available to offer, he performs a simulation even if he does not have anything between his paws. Sometimes the hens fall in love with it and mate anyway, ingratiating themselves with the rooster and perhaps hoping to find food afterwards.

From coronaviruses to Fridolin’s rooster, we see in just a few simple examples how other species or entities also perform ingenious tricks to achieve their goals and interests (none other than chicken brains). This is not simple intelligence but something more He characterizes the survival instinct in a brilliant way.

Cognitive and emotional aspects

It seems quite obvious that AI can be used by acquiring knowledge, information, symbols, etc. It is the constant adaptation and expansion of knowledge that can be defined as learning (the term algorithm is often misused, perhaps because it is fashionable).

Up to this point we are able to understand the sequence as long as it relates to a limited field of knowledge with precise rules. As in the game of chess, cards, etc., where the experience and ability of the players (natural) gradually form a quantity of (artificial) information. Gradually the quantum is enriched and the artificial tends to become richer and more complex than the natural and can always prevail while remaining within the limits of cognitive performance.

Although even in a game like chess, conceptual strategic prowess is crucial, even there the emotional element can influence the comparison between natural and artificial.

The future is abundant

A forum on artificial intelligence in healthcare has just ended at Leopolda in Florence, where the advertising slogan: “Abundance: The future is better than you think“, gives the scepter to rapidly developing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and others, which have the potential to bring an abundance of resources to everyone, not just the rich.

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The idea that these technologies could help overcome these challenges was repeated in the not-too-distant future Global challenges Such as poverty, hunger and illiteracy illness.

He has all this The appearance of the business process. The economy is increasingly adaptive and dominates the welfare state. Since the beginning of the new millennium Real consumption has almost doubled, the world population is constantly growing, and 90% of raw materials are wasted even though prices have remained low for twenty years.

Betting on everyone’s skin

The continued rise in prices depends largely on Speculation About “derivatives” That is, on betting and on ETFs (exchange trading fund) that is, betting on betting that is controlled and managed by Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, etc. shareholders in large groups from Kraft to Con Cola, from Danone to Nestlé and so on. Just to mention the most popular foods.

everyone They benefit from the returns and gain from the profits of the companies they own.

The irony here is that the value of “specific” trades with betting on financial derivatives is greater than real trades and determines the good and bad times that the global economy is going through. In simple terms tAll finance is based on a globalized “trick.”.

Real and artificial economy

Investment in the new virtual reality, artificial intelligence, is well coordinated in this mechanism that remains relatively hidden.

The hype we see around artificial intelligence has one aspect A new bubble governed by the market and subject to the unscrupulous rules of probabilistic investments based on chance.

Significant sums are invested in processing models, e.g gptGenetic Pretrained Transformer: a natural language processing tool that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate human-like responses in speech or to translate language.

In addition to speculation about climate change and the environment, or the so-called energy transition, artificial intelligence could become a good business in the face of the economic and social crisis we are witnessing.

Happy prosthetics everyone!

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