Who will win Best Actress, Actor and Best Picture?

Who will win Best Actress, Actor and Best Picture?

If we were to pay attention to the number of nominations, Oppenheimer He is destined to triumph magnificently in the next edition of Oscars 2024. The Christopher Nolan-directed film as a favorite begins the night as the most nominated, with representation in 13 award categories. HollywoodAnd the satisfaction of receiving great recognition at international awards such as Bafta or Golden Globes. In this sense, everything portends that the film about the American scientist and father of the atomic bomb will sweep the world. Oscar Awardsbut What do the Oscars predictions say?

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The two most important Oscar categories are Leading Performances by best actor I Best ActressAnd also the crown jewel: the the best movie. This year there is no clear favorite, but there are several cinematic options that could give a surprise and go up with the night's most valuable statuette which will have it again. Jimmy Kimmel As master of ceremonies. Among the potential winners are the giant duo Oppenheimer I Barbie – which has lost its strength in recent months -, Poor creatures, Area of ​​interest, Those who stay, American fantasy, Moon killers, Anatomy of a fall, Past life I Artist, band leader. But nothing is clear yet.

According to critics and experts, who has the most options to take home the best figurine is Oppenheimerwhich has already won major awards in the past Anatomy of a fall He also arrives with a strong foundation, with a gradual rise that has made him one of the clear favourites. Nolan's proposal fits perfectly with everything academy members love: a kind of biography centered on a relevant U.S. historical issue and with an argument that humanizes its responsibility. In addition, with excellent explanations also compete for a prize. In contrast, Justin Tritt's film demonstrated its great cinematic quality, making critics fall at its feet. There is another film that could seriously compete for Best Picture: Poor creatures Written by Yorgos Lanthimos, it is a beautiful satire that aims to reflect on all the stereotypes associated with women.

Nolan's proposal fits perfectly with everything the academy likes: a kind of biography focused on a historical issue relevant to the United States and with an argument that humanizes its responsibility.

Who seems most likely to fail to get the award is him BarbieWhich, although it began the season as one of the favorite films and became the highest-grossing film in history, its mark faded as the months passed and other proposals were presented. Moon killersScorsese's latest film, doesn't seem to have much of a chance of winning either, since its reception wasn't as celebrated either, just like Artist, band leader Bradley Cooper, which went somewhat unnoticed. The rest of the films move between subjectivity and the last will and testament of the Hollywood Academy.

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Who will win the Oscars for Best Actress and Best Actor?

If the Best Picture category is too narrow, the performance might be a bit more even, with some nominees standing out above the rest. This year, veteran actors and actresses are vying for the Best Performance award, with some taking to the red carpet as first-time nominees. For example, Carey Mulligan s Coleman DomingoBoth are nominated for Best Performance in a Leading Role, which will feature popular faces from the Oscars Annette Bening s Bradley Cooper. But it seems that none of these will be the ones who will receive the statue during the awards ceremony that will be held next Sunday at the Dolby Theater.

It seems that there is no doubt which actress will become the best actress of the year. Emma Stone He has all the votes for a second Oscar for his role in Poor creatures, where she played the extraordinary Bella Baxter in a capitalist performance. It's a little the same with Cillian Murphy, who is shaping up to be the favorite to open in Hollywood to play Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb, in a frenetic film in which Murphy goes through various acting states. However, in recent crossings the name has also begun to resonate pee Giamattiwho may get his second statue for his heroic role in the story Those who stay. Namely, these three names collected statues at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.

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Other names that sound like winners are Robert Downey Jr. (Oppenheimer) as a supporting actor and Davin Joy Randolph (Those who stay) as a supporting actress, while Christopher Nolan He seems to be the favorite for Best Director, competing with great totems like Martin Scorsese or Yorgos Lanthimos. And what will happen with Snow community? Everything indicates that J.A. Bayona's film is about to win the Academy Award for Best International Picture, a category in which… Area of ​​interest He starts out as a clear favorite.

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