“Here’s the truth”

“Here’s the truth”

The Totti Blasey case has been talked about for months, and new rumors spread every day. But this time to throw the bombshell, it was not the former spouses, but the famous hairdresser, who would have been the mediator between Elari and her alleged lover. Statement issued without half-measures: Let’s see exactly what he said.

After Totti’s river interview with Corriere della Sera, all hell broke out on the pages of rumors. Although the two seemed to want silence to protect the children, Francesco eventually spoke up and told more than expected.

In the interview, Totti explained several dynamics and touched on the details of their separation. Speaking of Ilary, he claimed that his ex-wife had a mistressWith clarification of the timing of the alleged betrayals.

According to the story of the former captain of Rome, she would have been the first to betray. Totti would have found incriminating letters, and after several attempts to restore their relationship, he would have met his current flame, Noemi Bocchi.

Therefore, Totti’s confession points the finger at Ilari and hints at a serious act of adultery. In saying that, Francesco also shared Alicia SoledaniToday, it is in great demand on the Internet. Fans, in fact, want to know what his version is.

Alicia Soledani

Alicia is a famous hairdresser who – whichin addition to putting his hands in Elari’s hair, It will also help the showgirl to develop her relationship outside marriage.

“I saw that there was a third person who was the link between Elari and another. Alicia, Elari’s hairdresser, is her friend” Francis.

Of course, this is still his version, because Elari never expressed herself. It would be nice to be able to hear the bells, but it looks like the L’Isola dei Famosi presenter has no intention of speaking, for now.

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Francesco Totti

Totti publicly accused the hairdresser of acting as an intermediary in favor of treason. Placed in the midst of such an uncomfortable situation, after days of silence came the announcement the whole world had been waiting for.

Alicia Soledani Try to put some order in the media chaos for a short while but categorical statement who reads:

“I will not be giving interviews because this is something very private between the two of them and it has to do with the friendship between us as well, between the three of them, which has lasted more than twenty years. I will not talk about it now nor ever. I was put in the middle in publicAnd the They are people who suffer, so I understand that.”

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