Two cases of measles infection were discovered, the first since the emergence of the Corona virus

Two cases of measles infection were discovered, the first since the emergence of the Corona virus

Since the beginning of the year, Catalonia has detected two cases of measles: one in a young man and the other in a minor. They have nothing to do with it. These are the first cases since the emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is the epidemic that displaced the rest of the infections. This also happened with whooping cough, a disease that health services are also discovering that is spreading throughout the region.

In the rest of Spain, the first measles outbreaks were recently diagnosed in Toledo and Alicante. At the end of January, the World Health Organization warned of a “worrying increase” in the number of cases in Europe, especially in countries such as Romania.

The Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT), in response to questions from EL PERIÓDICO, confirms that in January it reported a case of imported measles (meaning that the infection occurred outside Catalonia) in a young man residing in the province, who did not have measles. Those who have been vaccinated and who have a history of international travel during the incubation period. Asbakat sources confirm that he did not suffer from any complications, that he does not currently suffer from any symptoms, and that no secondary cases appeared.

Meanwhile, Aspcat is also monitoring another case of measles. This is a child residing in Catalonia, whose symptoms began outside Spain. The minor is fine, according to Salut.

Every case of measles is considered an outbreak, so Catalonia has already monitored two outbreaks of this infectious disease since the beginning of the year.

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Years without infection

Measles has been considered eliminated in Spain since 2016 thanks to a vaccine shield covering 95% of the population. However, as Deputy Director-General for Public Health Surveillance and Emergency Response, Jacobo Mendioros, explains, the situation in other countries is “not the same” as in Spain, and there is a possibility that someone could “make some journey”, transmit the infection there and develop symptoms here. .

Measles is “a highly contagious disease,” recalls Mendioros, and thus very high vaccination rates are needed to mitigate its severity. The first dose is given at one year of age (in Catalonia the rate exceeds 95%) and the second at “three or four years” (here the rate drops and does not exceed 90%). There is no reason to be “worried”, says this epidemiologist, but you need to be careful, especially when traveling to a country where coverage is not high.

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