Weekends together and horseback riding by the sea – Corriere.it

Weekends together and horseback riding by the sea – Corriere.it

Self “There are two pieces of evidence that prove itGossip lovers can really start to develop some certainty. In July, the weekly «Chi» The paparazzi had him and Belin holding handsOr at the birthday party of Ignazio Moser, his sister Cecilia’s boyfriend. And now there’s a comeback, with photos published exclusively by the weekly “Grand Hotel” magazine, which depict Belen and Lorenzoni leave the hotel where they were going to spend the weekend together. She posts on Instagram a picture of herself riding a horse on the seashore at dusk, when she is not alone. But the comrade’s image was deliberately blurred. However, there are those who swear that it really is, orFaryal Elio Lorenzoni, 40, graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milano, at the top of Lorenzoni Srl, the family business of Bedizzole deals with enginesaccessories and components worldwide. The acquaintance of the two is not recent: they could have been friends for quite some time.

And in recent days, Beilin played to confuse the crowdHe posts a video of a deer grazing and headbutting and responds with a smiley to a fan who writes, “Belen is one of us.” A sarcastic gesture and transparent publications, it seems that she wants to fuel rumors of separation between her and her ex-husband, Stefano Di Martino. The two took separate vacations (at least the ones they showed off on social media). Other indiscretions bring Di Martino close to the influential Beatrice Vendramin. However, according to Nuovo Tv, what happened with Belén and Stefano will only be a tactic to lure followers into a hurricane of affirmations and denials, when only they know the truth.

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