Kate Middleton's cancer and the secrets of “euphoria” in “Collapse” on Saturday

Kate Middleton's cancer and the secrets of “euphoria” in “Collapse” on Saturday

This Saturday, March 23 Collapses to Ricard AustrellAll the problems facing the English Crown will be discussed after they are announced on Friday Kate Middleton announced that she has cancer He is undergoing chemotherapy. Journalist and writer pilar air, And former correspondent in the United Kingdom Carles Costawe'll look at the ramifications of the news and what it might mean for the British royal family in the future.

British journalist and writer John Carlin I will comment on some current issues that make headlines today in the media: Israel and the Gaza Strip, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the future president of the USA, the Catalan elections or living in Barcelona now, and others.

Jurytrance He tells his secrets

The three new season jury memberstrance Carol Rovira, Alfred Garcia, and Albert Sala They will enter the shelter to talk about everything the music competition has to offer. Gossip will come to light The competition, what happens between the balls, the competition, the relationship between the contestants and the team, and their own way of making evaluations.

actress Belen slowly He will be visiting the program for the first time to talk about his career and all the personal and professional projects he has at hand. The latest and most recent is the play that brought her to Barcelona, ​​“Salome,” in which she plays a feminist and activist. They will play music Crumbs The program was closed Sergey Pamis With his own vision of what he presented.

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