Who was eliminated Amici 2022? The dancer cries and…

Who was eliminated Amici 2022?  The dancer cries and…

Eliminate Dario. Albee, Alex and Serena join the other three finalists

Alex, Albee, Serena, Dario: Who will eliminate the Amici 2022? as usual is Maria de Filippi To deal with final judgments. The first to find out that he was officially accepted into the final, along with the other contenders in the final, was Alex, who first showed a dazzling smile. On the other hand, Dario has been officially eliminated. Maria transfers him to him with a tender and sincere hug: “I hope you are doing well, and that you believe in what you are doing.”She says that before greeting him and making him wish him the future. Albee and SerenaInstead, they continue their journey together. Since they are both restricted, they are accepted by right in the Amici Final. They will play with victory Alex, Luigi, Sissy and Michelle. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Alps, Alex, Serena and Dario in the second round of the Amici 2022

At the end of The third heat of the Amchi 21 Luigi is the one who won the final. The jury, in the challenge with Alex and Alp, especially paid tribute to the test pupil Rudy Zerbe, who eventually won the gold jersey. Now there are four left to compete for the two remaining spots in the final match: Alex and Albee for singing and Serena and Dario for dancing compete with the latest performances. However, there are those who are betting that among the eliminators will be the last singer left in Bettenelli: Albee risks leaving the race one step away from the final, and perhaps his teammate Dario, like him. The result is now very low. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Who will be eliminated in the semi-finals of Amici 21?

also Amici semi-finals 21 It will be marked by a tough final vote. Episode 8 Amici evening 2022, which expects the final next week, two will be disqualified, both of which are decided at the end of polling. On the other hand, running the semi-finals is very different: in fact, four will be competing to stay in school at the end of the episode and not two as usual.

Thus, the usual final challenge for Amici 21 on stage would be four, and then it would be up to the jury to decide who would be eliminated and who would instead win the final. But who were the four students who ended up on the ballot in the Amici 21 semi-finals? It is located around Sunrise, the singer’s disciple of Anna Pettinelli; Dario, student dancer Veronica Piparini; Alex, Student singer from Lorella Cuccarini e Serena Dancer and disciple of Raimundo Todaro.

Albee, Alex, Serena or Dario: Who was eliminated on the evening of the 21st Amici

Four students risk eliminating Amici 2022 tonight and not making the final next week. We know that each of the four students will work as always in the middle of the studio but no one will be rescued before they go home. Only there will Maria de Filippi announce the two names that won the final and the two, instead, will have to Drop out permanently from Amici School. But which of the four students left school and the competition? Tonight there are no particular developments on the unlikely, and therefore, twists and turns should not be ruled out.

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