This year’s theme: “Altitude Training: Science and Practice”

Twelfth National Training Conference “Youth, Sports and Mountain” organized in Predatsu

Great mass success of the 12th edition of the National Training Conference “Youth, Sports and the Mountain” organized today in Predazzo, at the Alpine School of Guardia di Finanza, by the Fiamme Gialle Ski Group in collaboration with the Trentino CONI School of Sport and, from a scientific point of view, with Sports, Mountain and Health Research Center in Rovereto.
The event, dedicated this year to the theme “Training at Altitude: Science and Practice”, was attended by more than 300 people including technicians, sports directors, university students and researchers, along with many professional athletes and enthusiasts of simple sports, particularly in winter.

After the 2021 edition in online mode, this year’s symposium is back in classic format in attendance, and as usual, with a team of speakers and moderators of the highest caliber, starting with Rosana Chiveti, Director of the Sports School of CONI, and Federico Schena, Director of CeRiSM and always the scientific spirit of the conference. Also present were Carlo Capelli, University Professor of Exercise Physiology, Gianluca Fernello, University Professor of Exercise Science, Alessandro Fornaciero and Aldo Savoldelli, two university researchers in Sports Sciences, Stefano Borghi, researcher at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan, Marco de Angelis, University Training Methodology Instructor, Annalisa Cogo, Head of Misurina Mountain Center of Studies, Fulvio Scola, Fiamme Gialle Cross Country Skiing Technician, Antonio La Torre, FIDAL Technical Director, Dario Procardo, Technical Cycling Coach, Cesar Bottini, Technical Director of FIN and Alfred Stauder , Technical Director of FISI Cross-Country Skiing.

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Also present were the presidents of FISI and FISG, Flavio Roda and Andrea Gios (along with Vice Presidents Angelo Dal Pez and Thomas Rottensteiner), President of CONI Trentino, Paola Mora, Provincial Councilors Pietro De Godenz and Gianluca Cavada, Vice Mayor of Predazzo, Follower Giovanni, and Public Works Adviser, Paolo Bonignegna.
After the greetings of the authorities, the conference began to develop over three morning sessions, mainly devoted to physiological limits, development, influences, workloads, nutrition, and awareness of fatigue from altitude training (with special emphasis on youth level training), while a highly participatory round table was held at one point Afternoon on the topic “High Training in Endurance Sports: Comparing Experiences” in which the audience also participated in ideas, questions and exhibitions from interdisciplinary expertise.

Thus the symposium presented various reports on the issues of altitude training, departing from them on a stimulating journey that started from the latest scientific knowledge, and then proceeds directly towards the training centers and slopes located at the highest altitudes, exciting and providing useful information. for professionals.
Today’s event is part of a wide range of projects, through which the “Fiamme Gialle” sports groups are committed not only to the practice of high-level sports but through events such as these, also to contribute to the dissemination of a healthy sports culture and to increase the commitment to our youth.

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