How and when does it work

How and when does it work

The facade bonus allows you to carry out a wide range of works, from simple drawing to improving thermal properties, on existing buildings, taking advantage of a tax deduction equal to 60% of documented expenses. Let’s see the requirements that must be met in order to reach the measure.

The Additional interfaces It is a facility that allows you to benefit from a deduction from the total tax equal to 60% of documented expenditures related to interventions aimed at restore or restore Facade of existing buildings.

Let’s see in the following article all the details of the measure and who can apply.

Interface Bonus 2022: Requirements

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The Additional interfaces 2022 Allows you to take advantage of a Deduction from the total tax equal to 60% of documented expenditures related to interventions a restore or restore building facadeIncluding cleaning and exterior paint.

To take advantage of the 2022 Interfaces Bonus, the following must be considered Requirements:

  • The subject of business interfaces must necessarily be Visible from the street and the general public;
  • Buildings subject to facade restoration should be Located in certain areas of the city;
  • There are minimum percentages specified Interventional plaster.

The expiration date of the current year’s interface bonus access is the date December 31, 2022.

Interface Bonus 2022: Beneficiaries

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As defined by the Revenue Agency, they can benefit Bonus interfaces:

All taxpayers, residents and non-residents of state territory, Irpef subjects and IRES taxable persons who own property subject to intervention for any reason. The discount does not apply to those with only income that is subject to separate or alternative taxes.

Subsequently, You may apply for a facilitation The following categories of Threads:

  • natural persons (including practitioners of the arts and professions);
  • public and private entities that do not engage in commercial activities;
  • associations between professionals;
  • simple partnerships
  • All taxpayers who earn business income (in addition to the above mentioned natural persons also partnerships and corporations).
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