CCCB celebrates 30 years with Minister Urtasun, Luisa Moret and Xavier Marcy

CCCB celebrates 30 years with Minister Urtasun, Luisa Moret and Xavier Marcy

Announces a residency program for 9 international thinkers and innovators

Barcelona, ​​February 24 (European Press) –

This Saturday, the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB) celebrated its 30th anniversary with the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun. President of the Barcelona Provincial Council and Third Vice-President, Luisa Moret and Candela Lopez, and Culture Advisor of the Barcelona City Council, Xavier Marcy, with CCCB Director, Judit Carrera.

On Memorial Day, the center announced an international residency program with support from the private Mer Puig Foundation, the regional council said in a statement.

The program will be developed between this year and 2026, hosting 9 international figures of thought and creativity for three months each, to create joint projects and enable links with intellectuals and city institutions and encourage them to join the cultural life of Barcelona and Catalonia. .

In addition, CCCB is celebrating the anniversary throughout the weekend with various activities, such as music, talks, DJ sessions, open doors at the Mirador and two installations created with artificial intelligence by the Estampa Group.

The CCCB, part of the coalition led by the County Council with the City Council, has received during these years 11,004,569 face-to-face visitors, 499,224 network followers, 4,745 archives, 7,147 exhibitions and activities, 303 publications, and has a budget for the year of 15,554. 672 euros, “the highest in its history.”

Louisa Moret

President Louisa Mouret said in her speech that the CCCB had achieved a status that she described as its own, unique and unified, and had become “a reference point and partner for similar institutions in the rest of Europe, with which it · works a lot”.

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He advocated marking the anniversary by looking to the future and serving the public to continue to innovate through discussions that favor “a better, more just, more open, more supportive and more inclusive society.”

Then the conference “Living in a Time of Confusion” was presented with the German philosopher and expert on the far right of the continent, Caroline Emke; Scientist and writer Ricard Soulé and director Judit Carrera.

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