Men and Women: Shea’s opinion in Episode 7/3/22

Men and Women: Shea’s opinion in Episode 7/3/22

in a study men and women Miracles happen all the time. No, I’m not referring to love at first sight and other related facilities, if we wait for romance we’re great. I’ve been thinking about how often I find myself sympathizing with people who tend not to be able to stand it, just because I don’t understand how they distort the reality around them. They baffle me, I sympathize.

This happened last week with Sarah ZelleYou know how little I can bear, and this has happened to this day with the poor man Alessandro Vicenanza. Which, for heaven’s sake, would definitely be another exciting Silla to hang out with elius (No more and no less than everyone around it, eh), but there is a BUT. In fact, more than one. Especially when I see Maria de Filippi Intervening with such enthusiasm to explain the (extremely questionable) idea of ​​that little girl Ida Platano.

To frustrate the courage of the mother and his nurse Conductor was the desire for more intimacy by Alexander. He considers that it is necessary to also have the physical component, in the relationship, to be able to understand that he has truly lost his mind and feel the love at 360 degrees. For them, on the other hand, one must fall madly in love first and consume only then.

Here, I have some notes on this.

First, curiosity. How does all this enthusiasm come to restore the wonders of falling in love before and intercourse afterwards? Queen Mary Didn’t pull it off until a few weeks ago when Biagio di Maro, even very discreetly, he made it clear that if—after paying for one or more dinners for the filthy things he had gone out with—they did not release them to him, would it diminish (the verb can never fit better, in this case) immediately the benefit? For it seems to me that the gang was made to spend everything (or almost, at least) in the cavalry, while the others touch on the general housing. It’s Nesuma, he doesn’t look cute here.

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Second, their logic is certainly very romantic and poetic. Too bad it’s very unrealistic. Let’s not deceive ourselves, who have not come across liking someone, to feel super engaged and go, and then lose every poem with the first lemon? And if it happens with simple kisses, not to mention everything else. Between two people there can be attraction in the world, in theory, but this does not mean that it is also reflected in practice. And the famous chemistry, this year is very uncomfortable and often inappropriately, it either clicks or not. And to think that you can build romantic relationships in the absence of a minimum of basics seems to me anything but wise, frankly.

Third, from the way they spoke today it sounded proximity introduced himself to Ida tell her “Hi, nice to meet you, me Alexander. My room 308, I’m waiting for youThey made it pass as the worst horny, when a month bring that weeping willow without ever passing a kiss. And after a month you would naturally have the urge to have four sauteed in the pan, if you liked one, or what? He said that too , he is usually in the habit of entering into intimacy with a woman much earlier, while on the road he wanted to wait to respect her timing.But it seems to me that it is always fully due and never appreciated, when it comes to plane tree. And that some doubts also come to him, it seems legitimate to me then.

Fourth, lovely all the freaks from disobey In defense of a mother’s guts, huh. But, spoiler warning, it’s not just the poor Ida Who takes a risk when he throws himself into a relationship. We all take risks, none of us have a certainty that when we choose to know someone, anyone can take the stake. And it often happens, we know it well. But this is life, Riga. It is the life of everyone, including those.”I have a lot of responsibilities“. We would also like to escape disappointments, for those who have no children, believe me, but since there is no inscription on any of them ”sila“Glittering on his forehead should be a risk, there is no alternative. And if you’re too afraid to do it, you’re at home with the baby, don’t go on TV throwing sandpaper on the flesh* to millions of viewers.

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Fifth, but when has always been IdaIt’s normal to think about it twenty times before you hook up with a guy after the blows he’s dealt“But we are talking about the same thing Ida That within six months he was the first to have eyes on the heart Marcelo MessinaThen he wanted to leave the program with him Diego Tafani And now it is strange that Alexander Do you want to move to Brescia? To me here she seems to be the most reckless and irresponsible, other than”I have a lot of responsibilities“.She pulls it off when it suits her, but in fact it seems like it’s totally crazy to make plans for the future with whoever happens to be in front of her. What if.”It seems to me more shared than before Alexander that gives Diegodespite having an intimate relationship with him“I feel bad, because it underscores how little love declarations and fake tears can feel in that studio.

Sixth, now shut it down, someone warns them that it’s not the time they expect before they allow themselves to assure us that the story is going in the right direction or not. It would be too easy to dodge the scams, otherwise. If anyone is interested in getting one thing from us, let them wait an hour or a month or a year, when they get it, lots of greetings and kisses anyway, huh. All this since – as I said -“Ida It’s a souvenir“. sincerity Alexander Which, as I said a few days ago, it would take literally three seconds to get excited plane tree. Two cute little words, some random promises, and if he just wanted to stamp the card, he’d be able to do it right now. Instead, he has the patience to bear all the unbearable weight Ida For weeks it was worth more than”I came to Brescia“, For example.

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But then we realize we’ve been analyzing false duplications for weeks that clearly have no future? But the early times of the story should be the most exhilarating, the most exhilarating, and the most enthusiastic. The two argue that even in their sixties on the verge of divorce, Santudio. But it really makes sense Marya You keep pushing them to”Let’s try to make peace?“Like kindergarten children? Come, until enough for a certain person.

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