“I’ve been suffering for months”

“I’ve been suffering for months”

to me masked singer identification sun moon. sun moon He lost the first match against chameleon, which instead continues the final usage path made by the program Millie Carlucci .

Isola di Famusi, Alvin wallpaper: “Critical moments … we didn’t see it all live”

The masked singer, Soleluna is Cristiano Malgoglio

to me masked singer identification sun moonwho loses the first match against him chameleon. Under the guise of his program Millie Carlucci was hiding Christian Malgoglioas the judges and the audience at home widely predicted: “Thank you for inviting me to such a delightful program – explanation Christian After the mask is revealed – I’m glad that in this difficult moment he presents this elusive show. I have a circle in the head, then I wanted to ask Milli Who will pay for the cervix, I must sue you and Ray … For a month the mask was my suffering. A stone on the head as I saw it I screamed! ».

Katrina Palivo Tried calling him on the phone in previous episodes, right after his mask was shown, he replied, “I have a lot of people imitating me – he revealed Malgioglio – Savino, Max Giusti … ». chameleon Instead, he continues his journey into the final and according to the judges’ predictions, Riccardo Rossi, Claudio Amendola, Alessandro Borghese, Daniele De Rossi and Bobby Solo can hide under his mask.

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