“Rosa and Olindo are innocent, and today science spoils the sentence.”

“Rosa and Olindo are innocent, and today science spoils the sentence.”

Arba (Como) – Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, finally sentenced to life in prison for Grass massacreThey are innocent. He endorses it Milan Cuno Tarvoser page which, based on input from the defense, advances Process review request For the death of Rafaela Castagna and her two-year-old son, Youssef Marzouk, and the grandmother of young Paola Galli and her neighbor, Valeria Cherubini.

request readsA 58-page deed In the possession of Adnkronos, whom the judge rears “with all conscientiousness, for love of truth and justice and intolerance of the notion that two persons, perhaps Victims of miscarriage of justiceare serving a life sentence.” In this sense, he asks that Brescia Court of Appealwho is entitled to express himself on this matter, wishes to proceed with Renewal of hearing aids by “Check 57 technical advisors Those who have prepared and signed the technical consultations regarding the methods, techniques and examinations they have carried out and the results they have reached and wish to dispose of them after obtaining the procedural documents, No additional investigation considered useful and necessary for purposes of decision-making based on truth and justice.”

“There were many elements which, from the initial judgment, would have been appropriate, if only the judges had evaluated them, to judge Unreliable evidence of “confession”highly questionable evidence “blood spot” And they are brought about, in ways that make defining them as unorthodox an exercise in euphemisms, “confessions,” which are instead treated as the trials of a queen.after more than 17 years, Science – if it is allowed to do so in a judgment of nullity – is fortunately able to provide for itself, but above all in conjunction with Several critical issues In deeds and not in deeds, in no case is it evaluated Scientific certainty suitable to do The three pillars of evidence collapse on which they based their life sentences on Olindo Romano and Rosa Pazzi,” the document reads.

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The three corners will be Confession of eyewitness Mario Frigeriothe blood spot found on the doorstep of Olindo Romano’s car, and then, Confessions of couples. Pove writes that she has matured “in the context that defining ‘patient’ is an exercise in euphemism”. In particular, “the Self-accusation data“By Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi”, it should be considered Acquiescence to false confessions“. also , to get to know made by an eyewitness Mario Frigeriowho lost his wife Valeria Cherubini in the Arba massacre, untrustworthy. Deterioration of the mental state Cognitive deficit Mario Frigerio manifested itself during his stay in the hospital, – writes Tarfusser-Lo Poor investigative interviewing techniques Filled with many suggestions implemented on it and on clear violation Of the rigorous and well-known scientific laws of memory and facial recognition, it proves indisputably that the memory relating to Olindo Romano as his attacker is false memory and that Mario Frigerio was an unfit person to give valid testimony in relation to the events that occurred on the evening of December 11, 2006.”

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