Paola Caruso, a wave of insults after the drama: “Do you have ears?”

Paola Caruso, a wave of insults after the drama: “Do you have ears?”

Nothing can make a woman more anxious than worrying about the health of her child. Paula Caruso A guest at Verissimo, he spoke to Toffanin about his son, Michel. The 4-year-old suffered a sciatic nerve injury after an unfortunate holiday in Egypt last November, during which he was allegedly, after contracting an illness, ingested a toxic drug. the previous good for “Next postSobbing, he explained that the doctors who treated him would have diagnosed him with permanent damage to his foot and, therefore, he would have to wear a brace for life. Immediately, an outpouring of affection towards the showgirl fell on social networks, understanding well the difficult moment the woman was going through. However, the haters’ mother is always pregnant, and there have also been unsavory comments suggesting Caruso is taking her son’s medical condition to extremes to arouse public sympathy and spout visionary terrifying words.Some even question the veracity of what happened.

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And under the woman’s post, which was published by the official account of “Verissimo”, several comments appeared in which reference was made to photos published in recent days by a 38-year-old woman from Calabria, in which Michelle appears standing. “So who is the kid in their profile picture standing, walking and running?” one user wrote. And again: “Sorry about the baby girl, but she’s also always a big verissimo mah.” To which Corso could not stand it any longer and breathed on his Instagram, in response that yes, the son stands, but because he wears a brace: “But how much ignorance I have read, my son walks with a brace – he wrote – You have ears? Listen carefully before writing! The hope is that the child’s current condition will evolve over time and give him the ability to walk again. However, for the common sense of some web users, it is best to come back next time.

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