When is Eurovision 2024 and where can you watch the final and semi-finals?

When is Eurovision 2024 and where can you watch the final and semi-finals?

BarcelonaNo edition of Eurovision is without controversy, both big and small. This year's edition is part of the second group, where discontent over Israel's involvement in the Gaza war has been simmering for months. After many visits and visits, the Israeli delegation will be present at the festival, and as if that did not anger their critics enough, their actress, Eden Golan, received a high rating in the bookmakers (she is ranked 7th). The other controversy is of a more local nature: will it have any impact on Eurovision? Debt Is it Nebulusa or will it go completely unnoticed? The unknown will be resolved in the grand finale. When is Eurovision 2024? What day and time does it start? Where can it be seen? Below we answer all these doubts.

When is Eurovision 2024? Date and time of the final match

Traditionally, Eurovision takes place in May. In 2024, the selected dates are from 7 to 11 May. As usual, there will be two semi-finals – the first on Tuesday 7 May and the second on Thursday 9 May – and the Grand Final on Saturday 11 May. All three concerts will be broadcast live.

The semi-finals include all countries that need to qualify for the finals, all except those known as Stop itIt is a group made up of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. The host country, Sweden this year, also secured a place in the final. Among the developments in this year’s edition is that: Stop it They will also have to perform in the semi-finals. So far, a video of part of these countries' proposals has been broadcast. The United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden will play in the first semi-final, while Spain, France and Italy will play in the semi-final.

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Where to watch the final match

Eurovision is a festival organized by the European Broadcasting Union, which brings together public television and radio stations in Europe. So, in Spain, the festival is broadcast on RTVE, which is also the one that sends the Spanish actor to the competition. The first semi-final, on Tuesday 7 May, will be broadcast on La 2 from 9pm, while the second semi-final, on Thursday 9 May, will be broadcast on La 1 because Spain will play there and has the right to vote. To choose the ten countries that will qualify for the finals (TV voting system).

As for the grand final, La 1 has prepared a special programme. In addition to the festival, which will be broadcast from 9pm, there will also be an after-concert program hosted by Aitor Albizoa and Angie Fernandez, who was one of the candidates to represent Spain at Eurovision this year.

How long is the final?

Although 37 countries are represented in the Eurovision Song Contest, only 25 will be able to compete in the final. The large number of participants means that the final ceremony is long: it usually lasts less than four hours, so the winner is not usually known until one in the morning.

In which city will the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 be held?

This will be the seventh time that Sweden has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, the Nordic country is tied with Ireland as the country that has won the competition most times. Whenever Sweden had to organize the festival, it would rotate between the cities chosen as its headquarters. In 1975, 2000 and 2016, the city chosen was Stockholm, the country's capital. Instead, in 1985 the host was Gothenburg. This year's edition, the 68th, will be held in Malmö, a city that already knows what it means to organize the competition, having hosted it in 1992 and 2013.

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This year's festival is particularly symbolic for Sweden, as it marks 50 years since ABBA's victory WaterlooWhich experts consider the best song born from the song competition.

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