The G20 condemns the use of force in Ukraine, but does not mention Moscow – Asia

The G20 condemns the use of force in Ukraine, but does not mention Moscow – Asia

The G20 condemns the “use of force” in Ukraine to achieve “regional” conquests: You can read it in text Final statement Which, however, does not explicitly mention Russian aggression. On the other hand, the leaders denounce that “cascading crises” pose a threat to long-term global growth.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, “With reference to the Bali discussion, we reaffirmed our national positions and the resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly (A/RES/ES-11/1 and A/RES/ES-11/6)” , stressing that all states “must act in a manner consistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations as a whole.” In this regard, we read in the declaration approved on the first day of the meeting, “All States must refrain from the threat or use of force to pursue the seizure of territory against the territorial integrity, sovereignty or political independence of any State.” Furthermore, the G20 reaffirms that “the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.”

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Below are the points of the declaration adopted by the G20 leaders in New Delhi

“Commitment to triple renewable energy by 2030”

G20 leaders are moving forward on the energy transition and climate change and pledge to support efforts to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030. The group of major advanced and emerging economies will “pursue and encourage efforts to triple renewable energy capacity,” according to the final declaration For the G20. Leaders, agreed in the first two days of work. “We pledge to urgently accelerate our actions to address environmental crises and challenges, including climate change,” the nearly 40-page text reads.

‘We demand full implementation of the wheat agreement’

The G20 calls for the “full, timely and effective implementation” of the Grains Agreement to “effectively ensure the prompt and unhindered delivery of grains, food, fertilizers and agricultural inputs from the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This is essential to meet demand in developing countries.” And the least developed countries, especially those in Africa,” stated the declaration adopted by the G20 in New Delhi.

“Significantly increase climate investments”

“We recognize the need for increased global investment to achieve our climate goals in the Paris Agreement, in order to rapidly and significantly scale up climate investment and financing by billions to trillions of dollars globally from all sources.”

“No more attacks on food and energy infrastructure.”

“Underlining the importance of supporting food and energy security, we called for an end to military destruction or other attacks on relevant infrastructure. We also expressed our deep concern about the negative impact of conflicts on civilian security, exacerbating the existing socio-economic situation.” Fragility and vulnerability Vulnerability and obstruction of an effective humanitarian response,” said the G20 declaration in the paragraph following the paragraph calling for full implementation of the wheat agreement, which did not mention the recent attacks on Ukraine.

“No commitment to stop fossil fuels”

G20 leaders are pushing for the energy transition and combating climate change, but surprisingly make no time commitments on divesting from fossil fuels. Despite multiple negative signals about the climate crisis, the leaders said they recognized the importance of “accelerating efforts to phase out coal power.” The absence of specific commitments is also particularly disturbing, given that the leaders’ document was developed in the wake of a UN report that highlighted how phasing out fossil fuels is “indispensable” to reaching net zero emissions.

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