What is the safest city in our country? platform according to this classification

What is the safest city in our country?  platform according to this classification

In this article, we will learn about the safest cities in our country. Very few would expect this name.

Trieste Police – Oipamagazine.it

do you think of me living in Italy But you do not know the most suitable city for you? Are you interested in choosing a city based on its abundance of events, scenic beauty, job opportunities, or for public safety?

For those who are interested in this topic, we invite you to read this article to get acquainted with the city in which it is considered The safest in Italy. Surprisingly, only a few people expected this outcome.

Which city would you choose to live there?

Italy is known for its rich history of immigration, but there are still many people who choose not to leave their beloved Beautiful country.

They choose to stay at home to savor the pleasant climate, appreciate the abundance of art and enjoy the warmth and The generosity of the Italian people.

Precisely for this logic, Italians often migrate between the northern and southern regions of the country, in search of the perfect city. Call home.

Although the perfect city may not really exist, there are some places where the quality of life exceeds that offered other counties all over Italy.

Il Sole24Ore recently put together a ranking that organizes Italian cities according to their crime rate.

The recently revealed arrangement came as a shock to Italian readers, who had had different expectations. This surprise can be attributed to different stereotypes or the effect of previous ratings.

To find out which cities in Italy have Higher and lower crime ratesas well as the safest city, just continue reading our article.

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The safest city in Italy: this is it

The Crime Index in Italian Cities was recently published by The sun is 24 hours. The ranking is based on crime reports filed in 2022.

It will come as a surprise to those who expected that the safest city in Italy is located in the northern regions, such as Trentino-Alto AdigeFriuli Venezia Giulia or Val d’Aosta.

The safest city in Italy is located on one of the islands, namely Sardinia. OristanoIn particular , Low crime rate according to the order.

Oristano, the safest city in our country – oipamagazine.it

The number of complaints reported is fair 2429which is equivalent to 1,556.3 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants.

In second place in the ranking is the city Pordenonetotal 6611 complaints reported, which equates to 2,131.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Follow closely eagletotal 6176 complaintsAt a rate of 2,141.2 per 100,000 inhabitants.

However, at the bottom of the ranking, Milan With a total of 193,749 complaints 5,985 complaints per 100,000 residents.

The safest city in the world

Abu Dhabiwhich is located in the United Arab Emirates, is considered the safest city in the world, with a length of The safety index is 87,90,000.

Abu Dhabi-oipamagazine.it

They follow closely in the global security ranking Doha (85.41) in Qatar and Taipei (85.07) in Taiwan.

In terms of the European ranking, the top three cities seen as the safest are San Sebastian in Spain (83.96), Zurich in Switzerland (82.80), Bern in Switzerland (82.18).

The first Italian city in the ranking, in this case Oristano, takes the rank In 54th place.

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Sardinia shows the safety index from 73.83so it remains Italy’s next city It is considered the safest.

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