Fallout: Miami, a new trailer for Fallout 4's major mod/expansion

Fallout: Miami, a new trailer for Fallout 4's major mod/expansion

With the renewed success of Fallout 4 Thanks to the Amazon Prime Video TV series, even modern The game can gain new insight and game developers Fallout: Miami They took this particular opportunity to release a new trailer for their project, and it's actually very promising.

Fallout: Miami is a project that has been in development for almost 6 years, so it is a work of large scope for modders, which aims to offer a new story within a new environment, obviously related to the engine and features of Fallout 4 but with completely new elements.

This is also clearly visible in the trailer published in recent days, shown above.

As reported by the modders, the main theme of the story is the clash between the search for order and freedom, while the setting is a post-apocalyptic wasteland near Miami Beach.

New setting

Miami fallout, Department of Defense photo

The most unusual element is therefore the new setting, which is centered around and reserved for a place that was previously considered interesting vacation But it has clearly become something else, after the horrific destruction of the United States.

New Fallout City: Miami is home to many people Factions With different titles, in constant contradiction with each other to create a multifaceted and rather lively community, with which the player will have to interact in different ways after different missions.

Old Sunshine Cove, a kind of “kingdom” of slave traders, now finds itself threatened by a nomadic population called “Nuclear Patriots”, who seem to have a kind of fetish for cars. Different factions are fighting among themselves for control of the Miami environment and the player must navigate through this war and try to bring the region into a new era.

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Meanwhile, Fallout 4 has received a long-awaited next-gen update that has led to many controversies on PC, while it seems to run better on consoles, particularly on the Xbox Series.

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