October 4, 2022

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“I will explain why we are called Nazis in the Azov battalion, but we are only Ukrainian nationalists”

Dmytro Koharchuk, 31, a former politician and ex-Donbass warrior, is the commander of the 2nd battalion of the Azov Regiment in Kyiv. Today he gave an interview with Republic To defend himself from being accused of “Nazi” by Russia. “Accusations? There is a reason. Azov has always said that Ukraine should prepare for a great war against Russia, because sooner or later it will attack us. However, our politicians did not believe us, and our position was not favorable to them. That is why they gave us the image of Nazi extremists ». The swastika of the Azov battalion does not mean much: “These people are also in the police, the National Guard and various social groups. We had a small percentage of it, now not anymore. Nazism is very far from me. Our official position, like Azov, is another: we are Ukrainian patriots,” he argues with the daily correspondent Fabio Tonaci. He then explains to him the nationalities that make up the battalion: “We also have Russians, Belarusians, Georgians, Croats, Americans, English and French. In Mariupol, in 2014, it was We have an Italian. None of us gets paid. We are volunteers.” Weapons provided by “the territorial defense of Kyiv, hence the mayor Klitschko.” Among them also Ross: “Years ago there were 50 in Mariupol. They are fighting not only for Ukraine, but for the broader concept of freedom: Russia is a denial of freedom, and Ukraine, on the other hand, is a synonym for it.

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