Whatsapp, the trick to recover deleted messages from the other person

Whatsapp, the trick to recover deleted messages from the other person

Are you curious to know what your contact wrote on WhatsApp who then deleted the message from the chat with “delete for everyone”? Now you can find out: here’s how to do it.

This is the trick that will literally change your life because finally your friends, family, colleagues, and partners will have no more secrets.

Trick to read deleted whatsApp messages Grantennistoscana.it

WhatsApp has a function that allows you to delete messages, but fortunately your mobile phone also has a function that instead allows you to restore the ‘disappeared’ parts of a chat: find out the secret now to read the chats they don’t want to see.

WhatsApp how to read deleted messages

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, in fact more than 33 million Italians have it installed on their mobile phones. It allows you to send texts, images, videos, Excel files, word links and has many useful functions. These also include the ability to delete messages that have been sent.

There is a delete function for me and also a delete function for everyone, this allows you to make a message that was sent by mistake or that the sender changed his mind disappear from the chat. On the other hand, if the recipient chooses to delete for everyone, they will know that some part of the conversation was deleted. So stay with the skepticism, it’s not always a pleasant thing. Fortunately, there is a secret trick to find out the real content of deleted messages. Let’s find out how.

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Your contacts will no longer have secrets

Want to know if your contacts deleted messages accidentally or voluntarily because they wrote you something they thought it best not to tell you? Now you can find out the whole truth.

Just go to your mobile phone in the entry Advanced Settings then in notification log, At this point you will have to activate the sound, Move the icon to the right if it is off.

Now every time you see a gray message with delete writing in the app conversations from the green mobile, you will be able to know the content. You can restore it by exiting WhatsApp and clicking on Notifications settings advanced Here it will definitely appear under the WhatsApp heading.

Deleted WhatsApp messages
Discover the content of deleted chats – Grantennistoscana.it

With this very simple and quick trick, you will be able to expose all contacts and find out if they lied to you or told you the truth and even know what they wrote, even if the message was not intended for you.

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