Elden Ring will receive a major update with the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree, with many improvements

Elden Ring will receive a major update with the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree, with many improvements

Al-Din ring It’s not just about getting expansion Erdtree’s shadow But also a Big update to the main gamewhich will be published simultaneously with or a few hours before the launch of the DLC, scheduled for June 20, 2024.

The update will also correspond to the day one patch for Shadow of the Erdtree, but it concerns elements that are still interesting for users of the base game, including a change in inventory management that could be very useful for everyone. The release of the patch will be preceded by a certain maintenance period, which should last from 5:00 to 8:00 AM on June 20.

For now, FromSoftware has only revealed a portion of the changes and improvements that will be applied to Elden Ring with the arrival of the patch, while other details will be reported later and then more fully with the official patch notes.

New inventory, summon and hair features

So let’s see the most important changes reported today by some posts on the official Elden Ring account Changes applied to inventory.

As reported by FromSoftware, one of these innovations is the way in which new, recently acquired items are highlighted within the inventory, which will now have an exclamation mark to distinguish them from others, with a very simple but equally effective addition to bring more clarity to the interface.

Furthermore, a new tab called “Recent Items” will be introduced which will collect all the new items recently collected during the game. Summon decks can be moved within New Game Plus, and activated or deactivated within a new specific menu option.

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Finally, FromSoftware announced that five programs will be offered with the update New hair Which you can apply to your character. Not an interesting addition, but we’re sure someone will especially appreciate it.

Meanwhile, in these hours we also saw the system requirements for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

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